July 5, 2013 Duane Foerter0

“Canada Week” is still going strong at QCL where we host an annual private fishing derby full of festivities, good times and great fishing. The weather has continued to be especially pleasant with glassy calm seas and morning sunrise skies that just leave you speechless.

The weekend wrapped up with a strong finish on Sunday – lots of nice Tyee-class Chinooks, a bunch of those “perfect-size” halibut and loads of feisty coho in the 6-8 pound class for the light tackle crowd. Our 50 Pounder Club continues to grow as long-time Driftwood – QCL angler Dick Weber boated an awesome 53 pounder at Bird 2 with his guide Nick Mercer. (Chalk another one up for the Green & Glow Coyote spoon!) Several nice fish in the 30’s came to the scale and Tim Delesalle turned back a nice one that taped out to 33 pounds – good job Tim! Bill Mazurie landed a 41 lb halibut while Robert Rand boated a 53 and Reagan Sandberg arrived at the dock with an impressive 60 pounder. You’ll need a cookbook!

Through the week we’ve seen the tides determine much of the most active periods and QCL anglers have enjoyed flurries of excitement at Cape Naden and Parker Point in particular. Parker produced the newest member of the 50 Pounder Club when John Medd and his brother Norm trolled by there on the way back to the lodge on Tuesday evening. A silver torpedo smashed his plug-cut herring at 35 feet and kept on going. But after a 30 minute battle Norm managed to get the net under it and John’s 51 pounder was in the boat. Heading right back to the dock, the celebrations began and the Bell Ringer was a hive of laughter and story telling… the perfect end to an awesome day.

The variety of catch is as wide as the favoured methods of chasing them. Some anglers are using herring while others are having the best success with anchovies. Green-combination spoons of all sizes are working very well for both Chinooks and cohos and you never have to worry about losing your bait on a strike!

Looking ahead to the weekend we’re anticipating some classic summer northwesterlies, bringing big blue skies and bright sunshine along with moderate seas from Shag Rock on down to Cape Naden. With the Driftwood tucked neatly behind Bird Rock 2, QCL guests enjoy lots of productive fishing all along the western shoreline. The tides have moderated and we’ll see changes during the fishing days of 6 to 10 feet. Bring sunscreen!