Bell Ringer Report for June 9th

June 10, 2015 by Duane Foerter0

Hello Fish Finatics!   It’s been a great first few trips through the Bell Ringer! We have seen lots of nice fish in the 30’s show up & we can’t forget about the “white gold” (halibut) that have gone up to 62 lbs at the scale! Jess is around every day to talk to guests about all the great options of how they want their fish processed.

Today the fishing was so good that the boats started returning to the dock around 4 o’clock! Anglers were bragging about how sore their arms were! Our fishing grounds are full of bait and we currently are seeing huge numbers of feeder Chinooks, averaging 12 to 18 pounds. It’s like Coho fishing on steroids; these fish are so strong and feisty! Many boats were into 50 Chinooks today. Let’s hope that they stay around for a while!

We are welcoming Sage to the RBT (Red Boot Team) as your barista in the mornings before you head out fishing & she’ll be here for when you return! Hope you’re all getting excited to get out on the water!

Catch you at the scale,


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