Fishmaster Report for June 27th

June 27, 2015 by Duane Foerter0

As you have been reading our blog you may have wondered what some of our fishing terms mean!
I’ve made a short glossary of the most commonly used terms…

1) Pig, hog, cannon, tiger: all of these terms refer to a large fish or a Tyee
2) Chicken, Turkey or barn door: these are the various sizes of Halibut; barn door being the largest
3) Kelp bong: a device made from bull kelp to drink beer (beer bong)
4) Rock dog / rock sausage: another name for seals
5) Black bomber: another name for a black rockfish
6) Long-line release / farmed: terms describing the unintentional loss of a fish. Used in a sentence – “Man, I just farmed a hog and snapped the line!”
7) Sizzler: a word used to describe either the size or the strength of a fish that is running quickly
8) Corked: used to describe the bend in a rod when playing a fish.
9) Bell Ringer: the Bell Ringer is the name of our dock bar and fish weighing area. A Bellringer is a Tyee or a fish over 30 lb. which deserves at least 3 rings on our QCL Tyee bell.

As the season goes on I’m sure new terms will be used and I will make an update of the fishing dictionary.

Tight lines for now,
Chelsea – Fishmaster

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