Fishmaster’s Report – August 12th

August 13, 2015 by Duane Foerter0

Up close and personal… with 234 pounds of Halibut!

It’s safe to say that we’ve enjoyed outrageously good halibut fishing this year; we’ve recorded 50 fish over 100 pounds this summer alone! Out on the grounds with QCL guide Torsten Novak this week, Larry H got just a little more than he planned for!  Already having hauled a big fish to the surface that taped to 104 pounds, Larry hooked up once again and suddenly had his hands full for another 45 minutes!  When this fish came alongside they decided they would try to get a really accurate measurement and elected to pull the monster into the boat! (not recommended)

234 pound halibut at QCLWhile it was pretty feisty at the surface, once it was sunny side up on the deck it tamed right down and allowed for a quick measure and some photos before the guys heaved the giant back into the water! With a huge smack of its tail it promptly scooted right down out of sight. At 76 inches in length this big momma should weigh about 234 pounds! It was quite an amazing experience for Larry and his brother and they have loads of photos and video to help share their big fish story about the one that DID get away! Well done!

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