Guide’s Report – August 23rd

August 24, 2015 by Duane Foerter0

What a day to be on the water! Light winds have made running the kelp easy for the QCL fleet! 50823379-wMany nice Tyee class springs have been landed this weekend! Today the 109 ran the “stick and stay / make it pay” game plan. We ground the east corner of Parker for 12 hours non-stop. During the morning and into the early afternoon we had steady Chinook action with many 20+ lb. springs. Around 3 pm things slowed down for a while.


50823009-wWe stuck it out and it paid off as my guest Bob M watched his rod come off the clip. He reacted quickly and set the pins into this rocket. We all instantly knew this was a john dandy because it held deep, doing huge head shakes. After an awesome battle we put the fish in the bag. It was a beauty 35 lb. slab. Upon arriving back at the dock I saw many totes full of quality fish and many happy anglers. 50823407-w

Things are still rocking out there and it is shaping up to be a stellar finish to an unreal season!

Until next time,

Tight lines, Red decks and Silver Smiles!

“The Show”

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