Guide’s Report – July 8th

July 9, 2015 by Duane Foerter0

The northwest winds have been blowing over the past few days; fish are biting like crazy on pretty much everything that you throw in the water. There have been lots of feeders with the odd low to high 20’s Chinook, the Coho have also started showing their white gums in numbers down at the Mazzaredo Islands. The sea has been lumpy on the ebb tide, but during the flood tide the waves have been settling down a bit.

Some of the guests and guides were treated to quite a show off the west bay of Bird 2 yesterday – 2 male humpback whales started fighting. Both whales were breaching out of the water and body slamming each other, they were fin slapping and tail slapping as well. Seeing whales on the water never gets old and every experience with them makes me truly appreciate the waters I spend my days on!

The winds should be dying down tomorrow and the fish seem like they are moving in so I’m excited to start the day and see what it will hold!



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