Guide’s Report for June 23rd

June 25, 2015 by Duane Foerter0

Tuesday was another fishy day for QCL guests and guides. While fishing for “Smilies” (big Chinooks) was still fairly consistent, the anticipation of 35 knot gales coming overnight kept the guide team on edge when scraping the kelp beds today.

Since my last post there have been even more Tyee Chinook landed, including one for my guest Brandon, who successfully landed a fantastic salmon today that tipped the scale at 30.2 pounds! Congratulations to Brandon for a bell ringer on his first day ever of ocean salmon fishing!

The excessive amount of bait at all major points on our grounds has humpbacks putting on a show for everyone to have photo and video moments to remember for life. They seem to have split up this week with one or two whales feeding in each little bay that holds schools of needlefish. Our guests are really enjoying the moment out there.
I hope to see you all up here soon.

Keep your rods bent, nets ready and hang on for the ride!

Jeff ‘Smurf’

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