Guide’s Report – June 6th

June 7, 2015 by Duane Foerter0

Guide Report – June 6th

Coming around the dolphin this morning at 7 am there was a fishy feeling in the air! The water was pretty much glass calm and it was drizzling rain, which seemed to get fish moving because as I rounded Cape Naden I saw 3 boats with fish on. I continued on up to Big Point where I dropped the gear.

There was a little bit of junk in the water and the tide was still ebbing. Just before the tide change we smacked a beautiful high teens chromer smiley, which we released and watched swim back into the depths. After the tide change things slowed down briefly, so we trolled down into Yatze. Myself, the Red Baron and Clifford took turns grinding the kelp. It paid off! As I was watching the inside rod, it popped the clip and started sizzling line. I was right stoked and told my guest Terry that he had a real john dandy on the line! As he battled it out with this rocket, I noticed that a Rock Dog had surfaced about 100 yards away but thankfully it minded it’s own business.

We got the fish beside the boat and saw it was gassed and bleeding badly as it had gutted the wholly roller. We netted it with high fives all around as it was a solid 28 lbs!
The rest of the day was full of action and chrome for the entire QCL fleet. Halibut fishing was also pretty killer today with many boats landing some slab flatties. Hopefully the fishing continues this way for the entire season!
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