Kingfisher Report – August 10th

August 11, 2014 by Duane Foerter0

While last week’s record catch volume wasn’t quite matched this weekend, it was impressive nonetheless!  A persistent easterly swell that came with southeasterly winds on Friday and Saturday sent anglers to “the topside” waters between Klashwun Point and Green Point.  Productive Coho action kept most boats busy through the day but the Chinooks seemed to come to life in the latter hours.  We enjoyed solid Chinook action off Klashwun and Eagle between 5 and 8 pm.  Several fish in the mid-30’s kept the Tyee bell ringing in the evenings but the highlight had to be two great Tyee releases – measured to 35 and 37 pounds – by Fred Pye on Friday, fishing with QCL guide Lucas Grayson.  Great job guys!

In halibut news the big catches just keep coming.  Last week’s fair weather saw lots of boats going offshore and enjoying some incredible bottom fishing.  Several anglers weighed in nice flatties in the 30 to 50 pound class, a real treat to take home.  There were also a number of anglers who’ll have their names added to the 100 Pound Halibut board with “barn-door-sized” catches that were measured and released.  Mark Baldwin turned back a 103, Brian Saucier a 120 and Brian Fiedler taped one out to 184 pounds before watching it swim back into the depths.  It’s quite a rush to see a fish that big alongside your boat!

It was only a few days ago that we celebrated Tim Freeman’s new lodge record halibut at 234 pounds.  Who would have imagined that his record would be nudged aside by an even bigger fish?  On Wednesday veteran QCL guide Derek Poitras headed out to deep water with anglers Donald Walker and Michael Stockton on board.  Great water conditions allowed them a nice straight drop to the structure 260 feet below.  Derek was first to see the distinctive tug on the line and after a little game of give and take they were solidly hooked onto something big.  The forty-five minute tug-of-war was shared between Donald and Michael but ultimately a massive grey-green shape rose from the deep and they tied it alongside the boat.  Derek’s standard 60-inch tape was nowhere near long enough but with the additional 18-inch measure the final length of 78 inches charts out to 254.7 pounds – a giant of a fish that any angler would be proud to have experienced!  And the cool thing with a lip-hooked halibut is they seem to swim away without a care.  Congratulations men!  Welcome to a very exclusive group who’ve even seen a halibut over 200 pounds!

QCL Bell Ringer

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