Kingfisher Report – August 20th

August 21, 2014 by Duane Foerter0

As we run headlong into the final two weeks of the season the fishing action continues to bring lodge guests back to the dock with big smiles on their faces, almost every day.  There are still lulls through the day but for the most part we’re busy catching fish!  Chinook catches this past week have moved offshore a little, the drift from Shag Rock down to Cape Naden in 130-150 feet of water has been quite productive.  Fishing down 65-95 feet with either herring or anchovy, this stretch accounts for a lot of fish, mainly in the 18-25 pound class.  Fishing anything shallower yields Coho and pink salmon in considerable numbers!  Likewise offshore on the north side, off Green Point to Klashwun, is very productive for Chinooks and Cohos alike.  The Tyee is count is down a bit this week but the salmon volume is definitely there!  Big salmon catches this week include a 39 lb. Tyee release for Conrad Huber, edged out of the money by brother Willy with a 45 pounder that he sent back as well!  Brother Gerhart released a 32 for third place! Great job guys!  Glad you keep that family C&R tradition alive!  Out on the DW Kevin Wurmlinger boated 42 and 39 pound Chinooks – huge success!

We’re seeing some very impressive Coho among the huge schools that are pouring through the fishing grounds these days!  While the average size is in the 9-10 pound class, we thrill to see a few fish over 15 pounds every trip.  Larry Burian landed a 17 on Monday and Scott Carley an 18 – amazing fish these are! We’re seeing a few keen fly-casting anglers in the groups these days and they’re having a heyday teasing these silver bullets out of the kelp beds.  It’s such a rush to feel that line slip through wet fingers as they scream across the surface of the water like so many torpedoes! Ah yes… August.

Awarding QCL anglers for impressive Halibut catches is a major event each evening in the Bell Ringer and later in the dining room! We’ve never seen so many flatties over 30 pounds!  Of course the big kudos go to those anglers who release the big fish – door-sized halibut over 100 pounds!  Conrad Huber released a 102, Trevor Schable a 110, Wyndom Dixon a 102, Omar Gutierrez a 102 and father / son team of Travis and Griffin Sydow a 134 pound giant!  Nice to see those big catches and nice to know that they’re all still out there!  Well done gang!

Looking toward the weekend we’re expecting moderate northwest winds to continue with mainly sunny skies and warm 20-degree temperatures.  Tides are in a moderate phase right now but they will build slightly thru the weekend.  Look forward to more and larger Cohos and a continuing tendency to find larger numbers of salmon offshore.  But we know there are usually a few of those big lunkers hanging around the kelp beds in all the traditional spots, right into September!


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