Kingfisher Report for August 1st

August 3, 2020 by Duane Foerter0

Photo: With the abrupt and premature close of our 2020 season our Guide Team chose to express themselves!
Like the photo?  Check out the video:

After months of intensive preparation and so much anticipation, we managed to open the lodge to commence our 30th season on Friday July 10th. For 3 wonderful weeks we hosted hundreds of guests from BC and Canada who came and enjoyed the QCL Experience here in remote Naden Harbour. They caught lots of fish, were held in awe of the beautiful environment and its wildlife and were treated to the wonderful hospitality of our staff.

The detailed protocols that we developed to protect everyone from Covid-19 proved effective and there were zero signs or incidents of any infection. With five more weeks to go, our program was running perfectly and everyone was supercharged to deliver an amazing experience to new guests arriving by helicopter directly from Prince Rupert Airport on Digby Island via our Vancouver-chartered 737.

And then…  it was over.

Please read the statement below and if you feel inclined, please express your concerns to the Premier in Victoria [email protected] and your local MLA.

We would greatly appreciate your support!  Thank you!










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