Kingfisher Report – July 16th

July 17, 2014 by Duane Foerter0

Stunning sunshine and magically flat water were a treat for lodge guests this past weekend as they sorted through schools of silver coho and Chinook salmon to find the perfect size for the barbeque.  The action this week continues to be dominated by a healthy mix of high-teen-sized Chinooks and a huge variety of cohos ranging 6 to 12 pounds, spread pretty evenly over the fishing grounds.  Down at the Bell Ringer we’re seeing enough of those legendary big Tyees to keep the bell chiming well into the evening!  Kevin Armon joined the ranks of the QCL 50 Pounder Club with our 7th of the season, a brilliant 51 pounder taken at Parker Point on Friday with his guide Mark Callaghan.  Other big salmon highlights were Robert Shippy’s 42 lb. Tyee and Gerry Brandt’s 39.  Out on the Driftwood Bill Harris returned to the swimgrid with a hefty 40 pounder.  Rob Blackwell kept a nice 30 on Friday but chose to release an even bigger fish on Saturday after his guide Andrew Simpson taped it out to just over 39 pounds!  Well done guys!

The halibut fishing this summer continues to be simply outstanding.  We’ve always enjoyed reliable halibut catches but this year continues a trend to heavier fish overall and excellent opportunities for big fish at a variety of locations.  Many anglers are getting a crack at reeling up a giant over 100 pounds, then releasing it after some photos and usually a lot of splashing!  But along with the giants are coming many fish in the 30 to 70 pound class, which fall within the retention regulation, and are impressive both on the rod and on the plate!

Moonrise at QCL Haida Gwaii

We’ve just gone through the peak tide period this week with changes in the 16 foot range (and some incredible full moonrises!) Looking ahead to the weekend we’re anticipating light to moderate westerlies, giving comfortable access to the full fishing grounds and an even chance of showers after all this sunshine we’ve been having!

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