Kingfisher Report – July 7th

July 7, 2015 by Duane Foerter1

Well it’s bikini weather at QCL these days and the staff are loving it!  When they’re hired we certainly can’t promise that they’ll see a lot of sunshine but it’s sure been a nice perk for them this summer!  Our temps have soared all the way to 21 degrees today and we could hit 23 tomorrow!  (to us that feels like 33!)

On the water the prevailing northwesterlies that we’ve had for the past few days are keeping the fishing effort focused largely on the grounds between Klashwun Point and the Mazzaredo Islands.  Anglers are still enjoying a steady diet of great Chinook action throughout, dominated by lots of feeder Springs in the 15-20 pound range.  In the past week we have seen an uptick in the number of 20-30 pounders and there are always a few Tyees showing up in the mix.  The weekend started off with a stunning 39 pounder brought to the Bell Ringer by Joel Parker, fishing with guide Alistair Bryce.  What a fantastic way to begin your fishing adventure!  Congratulations!

We welcomed another new member to the QCL 50 Pounder Club after John Burton and Jim Wetmore decided to fish Klashwun Point on Wednesday morning.  Working their bait just off the kelp bed west of the rock, John hooked up with a heavy fish that kept him on his toes for quite a while before Jim was able to slip a net under it.  Since they were part of a big derby last week, they kept their catch on the down-low for the whole day.  When the big reveal came at the Bell Ringer that evening, the mood got pretty animated with word of some big fish around!  John’s handsome Tyee tipped the scale at 51 pounds – a fantastic fish – well done guys!  Welcome to a very exclusive club Jim!

Expect to see the northwesterlies settle back to light southerlies by the weekend so everyone will enjoy some nice smooth water.  The tides are finally moderating after some really big swings.  All that bait that has been pushed inshore should provide even more exciting action in the days to come!  Stay tuned!

Double Trouble

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  • Josh

    July 8, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    That’s a nice looking fish! I cant wait to get down there on July 24th. I hope those big boys start showing up by then & the Coho have moved in. Have to keep praying to the fish gods to bless me with a Tyee!!


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