Kingfisher Report – June 20th

June 20, 2014 by Elyse Hebert0

The sunshine has hit Queen Charlotte Lodge, and with it has come some great fishing. The average size of Chinook is going up, and we have seen a lot of great fish hit the dock. On Monday Bill Coss brought a 56 lb Chinook in, which is now the largest salmon of the season! He picked it up at Yachts Bay on a green spoon. The green Tiger Prawn Spoons have been proven time after time this season and helped bring in a multiple 50s’ now – always a popular choice with the guides and guests! In addition to Springs, we are starting to get the odd Coho in, getting up to 10 lb’s in size which is a great indication for what the coming weeks should bring.

All of our regular spots have been producing fish, but Klash and Parker Point have been proving to be particularly hot spots. Although there are fish all day, the most productive times to get out there is early morning, and at the end of the day when more consistent numbers of the fish seem to be getting caught.

Halibut fishing has continued to stay strong, with 15-20 lber’s coming in regularly, and a few over 30. We have seen guests picking up great Hali trolling for salmon over the past two days in the 12-18 lb range.

If you’re looking to top up your box don’t forget to go for a few black bombers and lingcod for a tasty treat! We have been seeing more lingcod and rockfish and the dock lately and are a great way to increase the amount of fish you are going home with!

Back at the Bellringer, the drinks are flowing, the music is playing and guests are having a great time after a long day on the water. The kelp bongs are scheduled to make an appearance any day now, but if that’s not your style there are plenty of options and tasty treats to help warm up.  The playful competition between friends and thrill of the day’s catch all adds up to a great time on the dock!

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