Kingfisher Report for June 23rd

June 24, 2015 by Duane Foerter0

Wow! The summer is flying by! As we slip into the final week of June it’s a good time to look at a snapshot of the 2015 fishing season so far.  Anyone who’s been up to the lodge this month, especially in the last 2 weeks, has taken home fishing memories that they’ll be talking about for a long time!  The massive amount of bait in the area has drawn incredible numbers of Chinook salmon and they’re often on a feeding frenzy, producing 50-fish days in many boats.  Add to that the presence of humpback whales feeding all around us – the experience has been quite magical.

This week the fish are more dispersed and the larger Chinooks are moving into the area.  We’re still getting lots of action from the 15-22 pound feeders but 25-35 pounders are appearing in all of the favourite haunts.  Eagle Rock has turned out a number of nice Tyees this week and Cape Naden is producing well on both sides of the tide.  While many anglers have a preference for herring, we’re seeing huge success with “green & glo” spoons and anchovy-teaser combinations.  Preferred depths throughout are generally 35 to 45 feet and we’re in a moderate tide phase right now with fairly long periods of feeding activity.

Starting off our current trip on Monday, some of our new anglers really hit the water running!  Larry H. and Steve M., Texan newcomers to the lodge, arrived at the Bell Ringer with a boatload of beauties.  Guide Kraig C. kept them reeling all day to produce their limit of Chinooks and a couple of super 50-plus pound halibut.  Larry also cracked the Tyee bell with his first ever, a stunning 33 pounder! Welcome to fishing at QCL Haida Gwaii fellas!  The bell’s been getting a workout with several Tyee salmon and halibut over 30.  We were offshore on Monday and Tuesday for bigger halibut and Peter H. hauled up a big slab that scored 109 pounds and yesterday Glen B. released a 100 pounder.  It’s so nice to see anglers enjoying the opportunity to play such heavy fish and then share their stories at the Bell Ringer!

Our long string of northwesterly weather has given way to a period of southeast winds from today into Friday and then swinging back to light to moderate NW Saturday and Sunday.  Anglers are exploring Cape Edenshaw today but should be back on the whole grounds by Thursday morning.

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