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Canada Fishing Trip in Haida Gwaii Can’t Be Beat!

Explore and Fish in The Mystical British Columbian Islands
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Experience the Pacific Northwest

If you are planning ideal Canada fishing trips, then you have to consider Haida Gwaii. It is a pristine wilderness far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. The surrounding waters are home to salmon, lingcod, and halibut. Imagine fishing in a place where you can see bald eagles soaring overhead and whales emerging from the cool pacific water.

Haida Gwaii is the ideal setting for Canada fishing trips and Queen Charlotte Lodge will help you experience the wonders of the Pacific Northwest.  At QCL you will have an amazing adventure you’ll want to relive again and again. The adventure experts at QCL are ready to make your dreams a reality!

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Unparalleled Fishing Conditions

Your expectations of Canada fishing trips will be eclipsed when you experience a fishing trip at Queen Charlotte Lodge.  The fishing grounds at QCL are unmatched by any other. Nestled in an extensive sheltered area on the north coast of Haida Gwaii, the shallow waters are full of baitfish and plankton, which provides the perfect habitat for a feisty salmon and other sportfish.  We fish from May to September, and you can be assured we make the most of our long northern days! The catch of a lifetime is waiting for you at QCL!

Canada fishing trips are made all the better when they are designed to take advantage of the great fishing conditions available.  At QCL, the enthusiastic angler can start fishing at dawn and get a jump-start on the day’s catch.  We provide our guests with the finest fishing gear, and a fleet of boats designed for performance and safety. We want you to get the most out of your fishing experience, and we believe that means fishing with exceptional equipment in a breathtaking landscape!

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned angler or trying fishing for the first time, QCL will provide a full range of services and guidance to meet your every need. You have the choice to fish on your own or you can use the expert assistance of a professional guide. Either way, we believe your QCL experience could be the greatest of all Canada fishing trips!

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Taking A Canada Fishing Trip Has Never Been Easier!

At Queen Charlotte Lodge we make a special effort to mix a true adventure wilderness experience with all the comforts of home.  Our warm and tranquil lodgings are the perfect setting to relax after a long day of fishing and experiencing everything there is to see and do on Haida Gwaii. We invite our guests to take advantage of our full-service spa for massages and provide delicious fine dining with west coast based ingredients.

We want QCL to be your escape from daily life. Our adventure experts will take care of all details and tailor your trip to meet your needs, so you get everything you want out of your time on the island!

You may come to Queen Charlotte Lodge because you have heard of the great Canada fishing trips on Haida Gwaii, but we know you will be overjoyed with the entire QCL experience.  This is an unforgettable journey to a land with thousands of years of culture, deep green rainforests, and mighty fish.  We want you to experience the wonder and excitement of a trip to Queen Charlotte Lodge! Start making memories with your family and friends, and come visit us!

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QCL knows service. Every little touch has been thoroughly considered. After a long day on the boat you step off to someone handing you a warm towel to wipe your hands. You make your way to the bell ringer to enjoy a cocktail and listen to all of the fish tales from the day. Great people, great experience, great food.

~Dave C on TripAdvisor

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