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We are now taking bookings for our 2023 fishing season and there is already a lot of interest. Now is the time to get planning and to book your preferred dates to avoid disappointment. If you haven’t already secured your dates for next summer we can’t overemphasize the need to get on that as soon as you can, because they’re going fast.

For those who have already made a booking, we’re looking forward to seeing you here at QCL for another fabulous season in 2023!
2023 Rates

Fishing Adventure Packages

All QCL fishing packages include self-guided fishing in our Classic boat and are priced per person based on double occupancy. We also offer our guided fishing experience to those guests that want to kick back and enjoy the comfort and success our guides provide.

Choosing your accommodation is dependent on the number of people in your group. With 24 rooms, the Main Lodge is available to anyone. Totem House, Charlotte House, Haida House, and Southern Rooms are set up for groups of 6 to 15 people and are exclusively booked to that group. The MV Driftwood has cabins for 12 guests and accommodates a mixed group – so is available to singles and smaller groups as well.

Download our 2023 Dates & Rates sheet


AccommodationFri – Mon TripMon – Fri Trip
Main Lodge55956195
Southern Rooms, incl. Haida House55956195
Northern Rooms58956495
Charlotte House58956495
Totem House69957595
MV Driftwood42954795
$ per person
Includes accommodation plus classic boat

Self-Guided Fishing

 Fri – Mon TripMon – Fri Trip
QCL Classic BoatIncludedIncluded

Guided Fishing

 Fri – Mon TripMon – Fri Trip
QCL Tyee Class$3250
(1350 Guide + 1900 Boat)
(1800 Guide + 2100 Boat)
QCL Chinook Class$3050
(1350 Guide + 1700 Boat)
(1800 Guide + 1800 Boat)
QCL Coho Class$2100
(1350 Guide + 750 Boat)
(1800 Guide + 900 Boat)
$ per boat
Additional to accommodation package

QCL is pleased to offer a wide variety of fishing adventures to choose from. Whether you are an avid fisherman looking for a new adventure, a family looking to spend more time together or a business person wanting to take care of your most important customers, QCL has something to offer for everyone! Each package can be customized to fit your specific wants and needs and our Adventure Specialists are the best source to help guide you through the booking and enquiry process.

QCL Fishing Adventure Packages Include:

  • Return air travel from Vancouver to Masset on Haida Gwaii
  • Helicopter Transfer to QCL located in Naden Harbour
  • Accommodations, Meals and Snacks
  • Non-Alcoholic beverages
  • QCL Classic Fishing Boat (upgrades available)
  • All fishing gear, tackle, bait and premium salmon reels manufactured by Islander
  • All weather fishing apparel and fishing equipment
  • Care of your catch (upgrade options available such as Smokehouse and Portion cutting of catch)

Note: Our direct Charter Flight departs every Friday and Monday morning from one of 3 departure cities, Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton with the majority of flights originating from Vancouver. Packages are three-night stays (Friday thru Monday) and four-night stays (Monday thru Friday).

Note:  Rates are posted in Canadian dollars

For a quick reference of package pricing, click on the “Download our 2023 Dates and Rates Sheet” button. This rate sheet is fairly easy to use but if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to call us toll free at 1.800.688.8959 to speak to one of our Adventure Specialists. They will help guide you through the dates and rates and get what is right for you and your group.

Download our 2023 Dates & Rates sheet

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2023 Dates

Pick Your Date

Our direct Charter Flight departs every Friday and Monday morning from one of 3 departure cities – Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton – with the majority of flights originating from Vancouver. Packages are three-night stays (Friday thru Monday) and four-night stays (Monday thru Friday). While there are dates designated for Calgary or Edmonton departures, because of aircraft options available to us there may be other dates where direct flights could be an option. Contact our office to enquire.

2023 Dates

Boats & Guides

Our standard package includes the full use of one of our Classic aluminum fishing boats with orientation and the services of our Fishmaster on the water. Most of our guests elect to add the services of a guide to their package and we find that this extra level of service is becoming more the norm among our clientele. So if you would like to fish with a guide you then have the choice of 3 different boats, as outlined on our Fishing Boats & Equipment page, the Classic aluminum, the Bridgeview and the Grady White. The 21 ft. Classic aluminum boat can accommodate up to 3 guest plus a guide while the Bridgeview and Grady White can handle up to 4 guests plus guide. Give us a call and our Adventure Specialists can help determine which is the best option for you.


3 Night Stays

1May 12May 15Vancouver
3May 19May 22Vancouver
5May 26May 29Vancouver
7Jun 2Jun 5Calgary & Vancouver
9Jun 9Jun 12Calgary & Vancouver
11Jun 16Jun 19Edmonton & Vancouver
13Jun 23Jun 26Vancouver
15June 30Jul 3Calgary & Vancouver
17Jul 7Jul 10Vancouver
19Jul 14Jul 17Vancouver
21Jul 21Jul 24Vancouver
23Jul 28Jul 31Vancouver
25Aug 4Aug 7Vancouver
27Aug 11Aug 14Calgary & Vancouver
29Aug 18Aug 21Vancouver
31Aug 25Aug 28Vancouver
33Sep 1Sep 4Vancouver


4 Night Stays

2May 15May 19Vancouver
4May 22May 26Vancouver
6May 29Jun 2Vancouver
8Jun 5Jun 9Vancouver
10Jun 12Jun 16Vancouver
12Jun 19Jun 23Vancouver
14Jun 26Jun 30Vancouver
16Jul 3Jul 7Vancouver
18Jul 10Jul 14Vancouver
20Jul 17Jul 21Vancouver
22Jul 24Jul 28Vancouver
24Jul 31Aug 4Vancouver
26Aug 7Aug 11Vancouver
28Aug 14Aug 18Vancouver
30Aug 21Aug 25Vancouver
32Aug 28Sep 1Vancouver
34Sep 4Sep 8Vancouver

The sense of adventure begins as you board the 737 en route to Masset, Haida Gwaii. A 15 min chopper ride lands you at the Lodge, sitting on the banks of Naden Harbour. You feel like you’ve landed in another world surrounded by water and forest.

~Tom B on TripAdvisor