First Class Fishing

Fishing Boats & Equipment

To best reflect the the range of services and equipment available to our guests, our fleet of fishing boats is now comprised of 4 classifications of vessels. The QCL Classics are custom-built, 19-foot aluminum, center-console boats and are available with or without a guide.  Our newest group are called Coho Class and are also available with or without a guide.  These are deluxe, 22-foot cousins of our Tyee-class fleet of 26-foot Bridgeviews. We developed and built the first 3 of these beauties in 2020 and are now adding 10 more in 2023!  Moving on up the scale, we have Chinook Class – only available fully guided.  Both Chinook and Tyee classes feature vessels in aluminum or fibreglass.  In this class we have thirteen 23-foot Grady White Gulfstream 232’s and our three 24-foot Broadwaters. The top flight – Tyee Class – is made up of our fourteen 26-foot Bridgeviews and two 28-foot QCL Grady White Sailfish 282’s.  See the photo galleries below for more details.

Fishing Boats & Equipment

QCL Classic Boats

The QCL Classic boats are 19-foot aluminum center console design, providing maximum space for fishing ease. They are set up with new 90 – HP Mercury Marine 4-stroke outboards every season to ensure guests have the best on-water experience possible. These vessels are provided on a Guided or Non-guided basis. All QCL boats are equipped with high quality Islander MR3 reels paired with a custom 10.5’ mooching rod. Over the years we have listened to your requests and you’ll find a pair of Scotty electric downriggers in every boat, in addition to standard mooching equipment for weighted rod fishing.  Of course all of the gear and equipment required to fish for halibut and lingcod is also stocked onboard.  Each boat is also equipped with a combination Lowrance GPS unit and depth sounder as well as our marine chart of the fishing grounds. VHF marine radios and a well-stocked tackle box round out your fishing kit.

Rest assured that you will leave the dock with everything you need for a successful day!

Fishing Boats & Equipment

QCL Coho Class

For the 2020 season we asked Bridgeview Marine to develop a new 22-foot centre-console T-top boat for us.  It was modelled after the 26-foot Tyee-class vessel that we adopted in 2018.  We have used three of these models in the 20/21/22 seasons and they’ve been a huge hit.

For 2023 we built 10 more and will have them available for both self-guided and fully-guided anglers this summer!  Perfectly set up for 2 guests plus guide, these beauties are in a class of their own – Coho Class – and they’re quickly becoming a favourite.

Fishing Boats & Equipment

QCL Chinook Class

A large component of our guided fleet falls into the Chinook Class – mid-sized boats featuring 13 Grady White Gulfstream 232’s and our three 24-foot Broadwaters.  The Gradys are world famous, fibreglass fishing vessels and are the preferred platform for many of our guests while fishing the waters off Haida Gwaii.  The 232’s are extra wide with a 9’3” beam and are 23’ in length. In addition to the large fishing deck, each boat has an on-board toilet which is a welcome feature – especially for mixed company. The hull design provides a soft comfortable ride, and gets you out to the fishing grounds and back safely, swiftly, in ultimate comfort. The Broadwaters are beautiful aluminum T-Top, centre-console boats with a comfortable, full walk-around deck and concealed head onboard.  Custom-built here on the north coast, they’re true fishing machines.

All are equipped with VHF marine radio, Sirius satellite radio, GPS and depth sounder, full safety gear and the best fishing tackle and equipment. The Chinook Class vessels can comfortably handle 2-4 anglers, and are provided only on a Guided basis.

Fishing Boats & Equipment

QCL Tyee Class

After more than 30 years fishing on the north coast of Haida Gwaii we know a little about the boats required to fish BC’s northernmost waters. Five years ago we custom-designed a new fishing vessel, working with skilled boatbuilders in the northern BC town of Prince Rupert.  Refining this prototype, we’ve developed what has proved to be the ideal fishing vessel for us and we decided to call them Tyee Class.  Stable, smooth riding, fast and incredibly roomy, the new design is a hit.  The 26-foot Tyee Class hull is available in two configurations, denoted as 90-Series and 80-Series.

We have eight of the 90-Series boats which feature a fully covered, walk around centre console, built-in head facility forward and ample space for the guide and up to 4 anglers.  There are six 80-Series boats, identical but featuring an enclosed, walk around, centre cabin – offering additional shelter and comfort.

These are really well-designed fishing machines with lots of room to move around and play the fish.  We’ve outfitted these stunning 26-footers with Mercury’s 300 hp SeaPro engine to provide ample power and excellent ocean fishing performance.  Set up with state-of-the-art electronics, Scotty downriggers and our premium tackle, the QCL Bridgeview is a true north coast fishing machine!  Tyee Class also includes two of the larger 28-foot Grady White Sailfish 282 models, offering even more space for your group to enjoy a day together.

Amazing fishing, great location and they really put the customer first in everything that they do. From the lodge itself, the boats and equipment and the food, everything was first class. This was my first time visiting QCL and will definitely not be my last!!!

~Andrew G on TripAdvisor