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Fishing Grounds

Located right in the gateway to the North Pacific, our fishing grounds offer a wealth of opportunity to QCL anglers.
QCL fishing grounds
QCL fishing grounds
QCL fishing grounds
Fishing Grounds

Fish Abound on our Grounds

Located right in the gateway to the North Pacific, our fishing grounds offer a wealth of opportunity to QCL anglers.  The relatively shallow waters, full of baitfish and plankton, provide the perfect habitat for hungry salmon just beginning their homeward migration. Sheltered from the open Pacific, these fishing grounds produce an abundance of sportfish over the course of the summer that rivals any locale on the coast.

The shoreline of Virago Sound is studded with rocky outcrops forming quiet little coves along its length. Cloaked with life-giving kelp forests, and teeming with herring and needlefish, it’s salmon fishing paradise!

The orientation of Virago Sound is such that anglers are able to fish protected water under almost all wind directions and certainly all of the common summer ones. The run to the fishing grounds is only 15 minutes to Cape Naden and 10 more to Klashwun Point.

The MV Driftwood spends much of her time at anchor in the quiet water behind Bird Rock II, serving as the centre of operations during the fishing day. Those guests staying aboard the Driftwood awake each day with the unique opportunity to drop a line over the side and hook a Tyee Chinook before they even put their socks on!

Our area provides anglers the ability to fish in protected waters, unaffected by the open Pacific swells.  Our fishing grounds are close by the lodge, and anglers can drop a line within 10 minutes of leaving the dock!

Halibut anglers will appreciate that much of our bottom fishing is done just a short trip from shore – no need to pack a lunch to travel offshore when you fish at QCL!

All QCL guests enjoy the Driftwood’s hospitality and services throughout the fishing day!  The coffee’s always on and we serve a delicious barbeque lunch on board in “The Hook” café through mid-day.

Download hi-res version of QCL Haida Gwaii Fishing Grounds


  • Fish 30 km of shoreline structure all around Virago Sound
  • Fish the salmon migration gateway to the BC mainland
  • Sheltered waters from most common winds
  • Large habitat area for needlefish and herring attracts gamefish
  • Excellent access to large populations of local groundfish

The lodge is just 15 minutes from the fishing grounds and because QCL is on the east coast of the Queen Charlottes you don’t get the 8′ to 12′ swells and rough water common on the west coast of the Queen Charlottes. My fishing partner and I will return to QCL.

~Dave M on TripAdvisor