Luxury Fishing Lodge

Event Planning + Trip Customization

Whether you’re looking to host a business retreat, are visiting for a family getaway, celebrating a special union, or simply looking to create lifelong memories with friends, we have you covered. Our Concierge team is here to personalize your adventure.

We do amazing things, with amazing people, and are here to materialize your ideal experience. One that can’t be replicated.

Getting Down to Business

Corporate Retreats

Leaders in today’s hectic business environment know there is a need to escape the daily grind and make the time to decompress. That’s why a few days spent at a corporate retreat at Queen Charlotte Lodge is the perfect solution. Often groups that visit QCL put the trips together to strengthen relationships with clients and staff. The quality time shared on a QCL escape will cement those very special relationships. Memories and bonds are created that will last a lifetime.

The easy ability to mix work and play is a winning formula. QCL has created facilities to accommodate groups large and small for workshops and meetings, presentations and dinners. The Totem House Conference Centre is available for all guests and our Lodge team can coordinate any type of program to suit your needs. The boardroom and adjacent multipurpose facility, complete with satellite and Wi-Fi communication can be configured to meet your requirements. We take pride in our flexible hospitality program which allows for easy scheduling of work and play.

Make it a Day to Remember!

Destination Weddings

Escaping to a beautiful island paradise to exchange vows and start a new life together… doesn’t necessarily mean tropical! With these very special guests we’ve worked to create wonderful destination wedding adventures filled with special moments shared with friends and family. We have plenty of options to consider in planning that most special event and let’s face it, they’re not necessarily always conventional!

Our hospitality team onsite are expert hosts and the Food and Beverage section has a world of experience in creating memorable meals inside (or outside) any of our dining venues. Of course we have a great selection of accommodations to suit the needs of most any group, as long as you book it soon enough! If your dream wedding includes unique settings, spectacular landscape, adventurous activities (and maybe some salmon), you really should give us a call to bounce some ideas around!

Together Again


In today’s world it seems that people get spread out all over the place and we just don’t see one another as much as we’d like. Getting together has become more of an event and when it does happen there are no shortage of distractions that can diminish the experience. More and more we see visitors to the lodge who’ve traveled from different places to meet here for a group reunion in order to spend some quality time together. It’s often family members who’ve been separated by work or school, siblings or parents and their adult children. Quite often it’s 3 generations up here together, often sharing one boat!

We’ve hosted gatherings of college classmates, BFF’s and former teammates. Whether or not fishing is a common passion, there are so many activities and moments happening during a visit here that people have a blast sharing them. That’s why, on any given day at the Lodge, well over half the guests on site have been here at least once before and often more than that. It’s the kind of place that people like to come back to. And that’s just the way we like it.

Queen Charlotte Lodge

Luxury Fishing Lodge

Perched on the far western edge of the continent, Queen Charlotte Lodge provides the perfect destination for those seeking a nice change of pace. Less than 3 hours from Vancouver yet half-a-world away, discover the wild northwest coast, home of eagles and bears, salmon and halibut and lush old growth forests. We’ve made it easy to give yourself the chance to relax and recharge. Let us take care of all the details! We want to be your favourite holiday destination and we’ll always work hard to ensure that your next trip is at least as good as your last!

Aerial view of QCL luxury fishing lodge in Naden Harbour

QCL Vision / Story

For over 25 years we’ve been welcoming guests to the big log cabin with the red roof in remote Naden Harbour. Now a tradition and every summer, we create special memories of time spent with friends.

QCL accommodation


Nestled among the towering spruce of Naden Harbour, you’ll find your escape! With a selection of accommodation venues designed to serve the needs of every guest, we’ll ensure you’re comfortable!

QCL dining salmon salad


From our fantastic welcome barbeque on your first night, to the delectable snacks you enjoy on the boat between fish catches, we want you to enjoy fabulous culinary treats every day of your visit!

The Bell Ringer

The Bell Ringer

At the end of a long day spent fishing, The Bell Ringer is the place to be! Cold drinks and hot appetizers pair perfectly with new friends and stories of the fish that did – and didn’t, get away!

QCL amenities Twin Creek Spa


While immersed in the natural beauty of Haida Gwaii, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take a break and pamper yourself! Spend some wind-down time in the gym or enjoy a soothing massage at our Twin Creeks Spa – it’s up to you!

QCL amenities gift gallery shop

Gift Shop

Whether it’s something you need or something you want, there are times when you just have to shop! We sourced a fine selection of quality wearables and gift items as well as those assorted supplies you may have forgotten.

Humpback whale breaching the water


At QCL you can fish as much, or as little, as you want. Take time to explore this amazing place; whether following a pod of whales as they feed, photographing the coastal forest giants or visiting ancient Haida sites.

Destination wedding at Queen Charlotte Lodge

Event Planning

QCL is the perfect destination for so much more than fishing! Our talented staff and versatile facilities have played host to numerous conferences, weddings, reunions and events. Ask about our QCL Concierge service!

The Kingfisher Report QCL blog

Kingfisher Report

Read the Kingfisher Report. It’s the QCL Blog where you’ll stay up to date on all the happenings – on season and off. Look for additional content like videos and photo galleries that tell all the stories of life at The Lodge!

Looking out for soaring eagles at QCL luxury fishing lodge

QCL Media Centre

If a picture is worth a thousand words then we have so many stories to tell at QCL! A visit to the Media Centre tells you how it is. You can investigate all of our facilities, check out the fishing grounds, or even the weather!

Wow – what an outstanding, world class experience in the middle of serene nature! We combined our trip to the Queen Charlotte Lodge with business meetings – the outcome was phenomenal. Huge part of the success was the environment. When you read on the QCL website the slogan: “Great Fishing, Great Service, Great People” then believe me that this is an absolute understatement.

~Hans791 on TripAdvisor