First Class Fishing

Fish Processing Services

Without a doubt, one of the most significant components of your fishing trip is the handling of your fish and we’re committed to providing our guests with top tier fish processing. We’re involved with every facet, from the time of catch to the time it hits the dinner table.

QCL Standard Procedure Fish Processing

  • Fish are filleted and vacuum packed in full or half fillets
  • Elect for your fish to be processed whole – with or without the head
  • DFO rules specify limited # of pieces that a fish can be cut into
  • Frozen fish are packed in waxed cardboard boxes for air transport
  • Fish travels home with you as checked baggage
  • Service included in trip package cost

QCL Sport Fish Packing

Electing to utilize our Licensed Sport Fish Processing facility is a crowd favourite. Your catch is further processed, into 1 lb. chunks, vacuum packed and flash frozen. This labour-intensive process does have a cost associated but is well worth it.

  • Under our “Sport Caught Commercial Processing License”
  • Fish may be cut into smaller portions – fillets, chunks – before vacuum packing
  • Offers greatest convenience for you and ensures less waste
  • Frozen fish are packed in waxed cardboard boxes for air transport
  • Service available at additional cost

QCL Custom Processing

Direct your catch to our custom processor, where you can have your fish processed in numerous ways – IE: smoked, canned, smoked and canned, etc.
  • Fish may be smoked or canned for you by our custom processor
  • Processing takes 10-12 weeks
  • Frozen fish is packed in styrofoam + cardboard boxes for air transport; 
  • Canned product is shipped ground
  • Service available at additional cost, charges vary by product

QCL Home Delivery

As an added convenience, we also offer Home Delivery. Should you select this addition, your catch will be packed into thick walled styrofoam boxes, specifically designed for air transport. Your fish will arrive when you want it to, right to your front door.

  • Fish is shipped to follow you, arriving at your door via FedEx
  • Fish are packed in styrofoam & cardboard boxes for air transport
  • Catch held in our Vancouver freezer until you’re ready for it
  • Home delivery may be applied to any of our processing options
  • Service available at additional cost, which includes Packing fee and FedEx charges by destination


  • High quality, tremendously realistic, modern reproduction mounts
  • Presentations are available for any sized fish
  • Only fish measurements & photos are required to produce the replica
  • Perfect for Catch & Release
  • Costs start at approximately $25 per linear inch

Taste of B-Sea

QCL has sourced the finest quality fish and shellfish available, all caught right here in British Columbia and some of which you cannot obtain with your fishing licence. These products are Ocean Wise and come from some of the most sustainable fisheries in the world, using the most eco-friendly fishing methods. The products are available to take home with you at the end of your trip or you can order them anytime throughout the year and we’ll ship them directly to your address,
  • fish & shellfish available at an additional cost; charges vary by product
  • To learn more about our products and to order online –  click here

Download QCL Fish Processing Services

I must comment on the fish processing. Each day’s catch is weighed and cleaned and cut to your specifications. We choose the portion pack which is a one pound serving size that is vacuum packed and flash frozen. They are then distributed in cartons at the South Terminal on the arrival back in Vancouver.

~Daniel T on TripAdvisor