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Haida Gwaii Fishing Resorts – Going Right to the Edge!

The ultimate Haida Gwaii Fishing Resorts experience means something different to everyone. It could be a sunrise above the ocean from your luxury lodge or a bright silver Coho cartwheeling in the afternoon sun. QCL is here to make your Haida Gwaii Fishing Resorts dreams come true.

You deserve the opportunity to experience an extremely rare part of the world. Immerse yourself into the ancestral homeland of the ancient Haida. Imagine finding yourself at a serene place taking in every moment and view that the northwest coast of British Columbia has to offer.

With our Haida Gwaii Fishing Resorts, we are blessed with an incredible wealth of natural and cultural history. These islands offer our guests an experience spiced with adventure and wonder. QCL guests are welcome to enjoy an extensive sheltered fishing area on the north coast of Haida Gwaii.

Our fishing programs are created and perfected by professionals and designed to give you the ultimate fishing experience. Moreover, our licensed fish processing facility makes sure that Queen Charlotte Lodge guests enjoy top quality fish, professionally prepared and conveniently packaged fish to share with friends and family.

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A Haida Gwaii Fishing Resort Experience is Unforgettable

QCL is one of the top Haida Gwaii Fishing resorts with the perfect backdrop and location to access the finest and most consistent Salmon fishing in the world.

We have 100-day seasons to ensure that any trip, at any time, can be the best trip of the season. No high season – no low season.

A large amount of salmon come into our bays and shorelines every day during our 100-day season. Not only does QCL offer fishing, we also offer full concierge services, personal chefs, a full-service spa, 5-star dining, and much more. We will meet every request to make your trip exceed all of your expectations. From start to finish you will discover why the “QCL experience” will make you want to visit over and over again.

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Your Leading Haida Gwaii Fishing Resort

Queen Charlotte Lodge is a leader in providing a robust and memorable Haida Gwaii fishing experience. Many of our guests continue to return year after year because there is nothing quite like the QCL experience.

Whether you are a seasoned angler or a first-time fisher – we can accommodate all skill levels and love to share what we know.  Your Haida Gwaii Fishing Resort trip will not only be a great adventure but a memory that you can cherish.

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The staff, the accommodations,the food and fishing are 5 star!!! I don’t think it could possibly be better. I have to compliment Paul and Cindy on their hiring. I would love to duplicate what they have been able to achieve with such a young group of people.

~Dean S on TripAdvisor

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