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You Do the Fishing; We Do the Dirty Work!

There is no better way to getaway than with a Haida Gwaii fishing trip. With incomparable nature and cultural character, Haida Gwaii fishing is an experience all on its own.

Our fishing program is built to take full advantage of the amazing fishing opportunities here in the Pacific North West. QCL is perfectly located along the gateway for salmon beginning their yearly homeward migration to freshwater streams and rivers. This provides consistent and exciting fishing opportunities daily!

There is no doubt that one of the most important components of your Haida Gwaii fishing trip is the handling of your fish. We strive to give our guests the best service when it comes to fish processing.

From the time you catch your fish, to the moment you serve up a taste of halibut or salmon at home, we are involved every step of the way. We coach our guests to properly bleed the Halibut and Salmon right away when they catch it.

Our expert anglers know how to handle every type of fish and are always happy to share their knowledge. If the nitty-gritty of fish processing is not for you – that is okay! Once you have reeled in your daily catch, we will process and prepare your fish for transport.

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Haida Gwaii Fishing at QCL Offers Guided Fishing or Non-Guided Fishing

A typical day of guided fishing is eleven hours on the water, however, you and your guide can create a schedule that works best for you! Our guides are experienced, professional, carefully selected and trained.

Our Haida Gwaii fishing guides will provide you with an opportunity to kick back and enjoy the comfort and success that they can bring on the water.

Queen Charlotte Lodge also provides Non-Guided Fishing. If you prefer the freedom of fishing on your own, your boat comes with a new GPS / depth sounder unit, high-quality Islander reels, and a detailed area and fishing techniques map. Moreover, the QCL Fishmaster is always on the water to ensure that you are fishing safely and successfully.

We have over 30 guides on the water who are all happy to assist you with any fishing tips, questions, or encouraging words! Our non-guided guests are always looked after and you will not feel ignored or alone! Whichever style you choose, we can promise an unforgettable Haida Gwaii Fishing trip experience at Queen Charlotte Lodge.

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Queen Charlotte Lodge is Your Haida Gwaii Fishing Experience

Queen Charlotte Lodge is a leader in providing a robust and memorable fishing experience. Many of our guests continue to return year after year because there is nothing quite like the QCL experience.

Whether you are a seasoned angler or a first-time fisher – we can accommodate all skill levels and love to share what we know.  Your Haida Gwaii Fishing trip will not only be a great adventure but a memory that you can cherish.

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I can’t say enough in regards to how beautiful this resort. The location is outstanding in a sheltered area, away from the big ocean swells. The fishing was great this weekend we went (July 8th-11th, 2016), the weather was a lot better than I was expecting. The food we had was fabulous, Chef Amanda. The only thing that is better than the beautiful scenery and fabulous fishing, is the service. Both incredibly professional and personal, I can’t think of much that the place would be able to improve.

~Derrick M on TripAdvisor

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