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Experience Fishing First Class & A Fishing Adventure Like No Other at QCL Haida Gwaii
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Discover Canada’s Magnificent Haida Gwaii

The most exhilarating fishing in Canada happens on the remote islands of Haida Gwaii in the Pacific Northwest.  The fishing season here runs through the summer months from late May thru early September.  Each month of the season has its fans.  The early season, running through most of June, is always an exciting time to visit.  A June fishing adventure in Haida Gwaii offers a truly unique experience in a magnificent part of the world.

You’re surrounded by an amazing range of abundant wilderness and wildlife.  It’s a particularly good time to see whales, especially Humpbacks feeding on needlefish.  We also tend to see more Orcas moving around the fishing grounds in the first half of the summer.  The opportunity to see these incredible marine mammals in the wilderness of Haida Gwaii is an unforgettable experience.

This is fishing Disneyland and National Geographic all wrapped in to one. Mind blown. You should go.

~Jordan T.  on Facebook

Queen Charlotte Lodge is your gateway to adventure and it begins before your arrival.  Our fishing packages include return airfare from Vancouver on our chartered 737.  Once you land at the Masset airport, you will board a Sikorsky executive helicopter for an unbelievable ride to our beautiful lodge in Naden Harbour.  And the fun is just getting started!

Kingfisher Derby

Be part of our 17th Annual Kingfisher Derby
This yearly event is a highlight of the summer with over $40000 up for grabs for the largest Catch & Release salmon.

White Gold Fishing Derby

The White Gold Fishing Derby at QCL
Our annual bottom fishing tournament with prizes for the largest halibut and lingcod catches.

When Is The Best Time to Book My Salmon Fishing Trip?

Queen Charlotte Lodge enjoys the perfect setting and location to access the finest and most consistent fishing in the world. Vast numbers of Coho and Chinook (King) Salmon feed along our shorelines every day of the season and we’re proud to offer a 2 trips per week during our 100-day season.  This means that any trip, anytime, can be the best time for salmon, halibut or lingcod fishing!  We enjoy some of the most consistent fishing on the whole West Coast – there’s really no high season and low season.

Our fishing program is designed to take full advantage of all the great fishing opportunities available in Haida Gwaii.  The fishing grounds at QCL are located at the gateway to the North Pacific – ideal to intercept salmon returning to their spawning streams and rivers up and down the coast. This locale provides some of the most consistently exciting fishing to be found anywhere!  The underwater structure of the area provides exceptional habitat for tasty ground fish, particularly halibut and lingcod.  Early season anglers know that this is one of the best times to target these species.  In fact, large halibut often move inshore to gorge themselves on baitfish around the shoreline kelp beds in June, providing quite a surprise to trolling salmon anglers!

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Guided or Self-Guided It’s Always A First Class Experience

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, QCL provides a full range of services to meet your every need. We are proud to offer a fleet of boats specifically designed for performance and safety. You can choose to fish on your own on a self-guided trip or benefit from the assistance of a professional guide on a guided fishing trip.  Either way, QCL will provide you with the fishing trip of a lifetime! Your first class fishing experience includes 5-star dining, luxurious accommodations,  return airfare, helicopter transfer, all fishing gear, care of your catch, access to onsite spa services, relaxing activities, and, of course, staff who are always happy to meet your needs.

Food, accommodation, staff, gear and fishing are all top notch. An amazing adventure while maintaining an unparalleled level of luxury. Every detail attended to, just sit back and have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to go back!

~Robert W. on TripAdvisor

Our Fishing Experts Will Take Care of All the Details

Tell us the details of your dream fishing getaway, then sit back, relax and let us handle everything else. Queen Charlotte Lodge is the place where you can experience true wilderness perfectly blended with the comfort and warm hospitality of our first-class luxury lodge.  QCL is your escape from the drudgery of daily life.  Relax in our lodgings, enjoy our fine dining, and explore the open waters. You can be assured our adventure specialists will give you all of the support and guidance you need to have an unforgettable adventure!

You may come here for the legendary fishing, but you will discover the entire QCL Experience is beyond compare.  The breathtaking natural landscape of Haida Gwaii, the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime, and quality moments with your family and friends make the QCL Experience more than extraordinary.  Adventure is waiting for you!

I’m Ready To Experience Fishing First Class

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    Experience first class fishing

    First Class Fishing

    The ultimate fishing experience means something different to everyone. It could be a misty first light of the morning heavy salmon strike. A silver bright Coho cartwheeling in the afternoon sun. A Bald Eagle swooping down to pick up talons full of needle-fish. The steady pull of a barn-door halibut from 250 feet down. Whatever your ultimate – you can find it at QCL!

    First Class Fishing

    Humpback whale breaching in Naden Harbour
    A Northern Safari

    Nature Watching

    Haida Gwaii has a wealth of wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities. From the lodge you have easy access to a wide range of habitat on both land and sea to discover nature in it’s purest form! Our guides and staff are happy to point you in the right direction!
    A Northern Safari

    Nature Watching

    Haida Gwaii totem pole on the main grounds
    Discover the heritage

    Natural & Cultural History

    As easy as it is for you to travel here, these islands have always been a remote and isolated corner of the world! But the fascinating stories of how life has unfolded here in Haida Gwaii will spark your imagination!
    Discover the heritage

    Natural & Cultural History

    Groups & corporate events
    More Than Fishing!

    Groups & Event Planning

    Getting people together to share a great experience is something most everyone likes to do! Creating wonderful memories for our guests is a mission that we take pretty seriously.
    More Than Fishing!

    Groups & Event Planning

    Once again I have to say that the QCL team delivered! I have been blessed to come back to the greatest fishing Lodge in the world for many years now. The entire staff is amazing. From your departure in Vancouver, the guides and dock staff, the Driftwood lunch staff, bell ringer weigh in and support staff to the chefs and wait staff you cannot beat them.

    ~Derald W on TripAdvisor