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June 3, 2016 by Duane Foerter0

Coming of the Season

The docks are bustling and the kitchens are filled with eager staff. This time of season excites me. It is when all the hard work and preparation can finally show its fruit. For this is the time when the boats are geared, fish are hanging from the scale, and the Bell Ringer is hopping with happy anglers. Finally QCL is fully operational and filled with excited staff and guests.

Over the past two weeks the staff have been busy with the final touches preparing the lodge for the summer. The docks are filled with boats and the guide room is filled with gear. Old friends have been reunited and new friends have been made. The guide team has returned to the waters and are busy playing in paradise. Humpback whales move throughout the grounds feeding on needlefish. The eagles are perched awaiting the day’s adventure. Chinook salmon are returning to the grounds as well. The zing of salmon reels can be heard each day throughout the fishing grounds.  

I got a report from one of my fellow guides today; “Kone Zone” we call him. He was fishing at Inskip Point today when he saw a whale feeding in the shallows. Trolling over to the whale he quickly found out that there were tons of fish feeding on the bait ball as well.  In only 40 feet of water his guests landed 7 chinook at 12-20 pounds and 6 lingcod averaging 7-10 pounds in 3 hours.

Needless to say they had a busy boat. There are many more stories of this caliber and many more to come. 

Know that the QCL guide team is excited to meet everyone planning on joining us at QCL this summer!

Luke “Skywalker”


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