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June 19, 2016 by Duane Foerter0

What have you been Herring about us? If anyone was Biting for more Reel reasons to visit the Bell Ringer – look no further! But hurry Onboard – this could get pretty fishy.

Just for the Halibut, we’ve put together 10 reasons why every fisher-Buoy and fisher-Gil should make a stop at the Bell Ringer at the end of their fishing day.

Here at the Bell Ringer, we don’t discriminate! Whether you’re a brain Sturgeon or the Fairy Cod-Mother, the Red Boot Team will show you a good time!

We’re pretty Shellfish here at QCL, and we like to treat our guests right! We offer you some of the tastiest appetizers and refreshing drinks on property!

We don’t Scale back – on anything!

Don’t get your Line in a Tangle! Sit back and watch everyone’s catch from the day get weighed up – you won’t miss the chance to see that Tyee on the scale!

You’ll have a Whale of a time!

We’re not a pain in the Bass! We want you to have the best time, and will go to great Lengths to make it happen!

If you’re sole-ly here for the fishing – great! Chat to our Fish Supervisors about processing your catch and bringing home some extra goodies.

Still need to Mullet over? Troll through our website and check out the photos for yourself!

Remember, any Fin is possible at the Bell Ringer!

Well… What are you Wading for? The Oppor-Tuna-ty is waiting!


Jessica I – Fish Services Supervisor


QCL Bell Ringer

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