Guide’s Report for July 20th

July 22, 2015 by Duane Foerter0

Today marked another amazing day in Haida Gwaii, not because of the weather or not because of the fishing but because we are so lucky to experience this beautiful island everyday.   I always tell guests that it’s called fishing and not catching. There are many days where it seems like you can put anything shiny in the water and it will work. Today all fish caught were hard earned but lots of great fish hit the dock!

Luckily with each tide there can be a new crop of fish, providing the chance to catch that fish of a dream.  Today while fishing Bird Rock 2 we watched a young humpback feeding, he worked the bay and then turned around and decided to put on a show with a full jumping corkscrew. Moments like this are what I remember at the end of the day and make me feel lucky to spend the summer in Haida Gwaii.  Tomorrow brings new hope of catching big Chinooks and monster Halibut.

R Kelly

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