Kingfisher Report – July 9th

July 10, 2013 by Duane Foerter0

What a way to start your salmon fishing experience! First time salmon angler Jeff Magee is enjoying his “15 minutes of fame” this week after his first day on the water. Only a couple of hours into his first trip to QCL, and after a pair of feisty coho to warm him up, Jeff hooked up with a big brawny Chinook that kept him on his feet for 45 minutes. His guide Jeff Smirfitt had just made a pass inside the kelp off the point at Bird 2 when the hungry salmon gulped his anchovy and took off. But the two Jeffs did a great job of controlling the fish and eventually bringing it to the boat. The catch was made all the more exciting as it happened at the peak of the lunch time service aboard the Driftwood, and a healthy audience followed Jeff’s every move while they enjoyed their bowls of hot chowder and chili! Back at the dock, the cheers went up as Jeff’s first ever Chinook tipped the digital scale at 41 pounds! Congratulations guys! Well done!

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