Kingfisher Report – June 3rd

June 4, 2014 by Duane Foerter0

The first few trips of the 2014 season have treated QCL guests to some fantastic fishing. Plenty of Chinook in the 15-25lb class have graced the dock, with a few surprise catches of early chrome bright Coho to add to the pile of fish guests are taking home. Increasingly abundant schools of herring and needlefish are beckoning the Salmon in from the open Pacific to feed along our shoreline. All of the major points have been providing steady action so far this season, with many fish being found near the bottom and slightly offshore in 70-90ft of water. All the usual suspects are enticing the Salmon to bite; spoons, cut-plugs, herring & teaser heads.

From the last trip, shout-outs to Bell-Ringer’s Brent Brady, Nick Ritchie & Zack Hunter with their Tyee’s coming in at 32lb, 36lb & 39lbs respectively. Halibut fishing is always fantastic in early June and Dustine Owen, Dave Middleton, Don Stirling & Mike Pidlisecky are all off to great starts with 46lb, 53lb, another 53lb & 61lbs respectively.

Weather of late has been dominated by NW winds and some brilliant blue skies. Fishing activity has been focused on the waters from Bird 2 to the Mazzaredo Islands, but as the wind settles back this week, QCL anglers will no doubt start to get out and explore more fishing areas.

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