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March 22, 2023 by Bre Guolo0

Since 1991, when QCL first opened our doors, the world has seen significant change. With advances in almost every aspect of our world, it speaks to a parallel with how we at QCL advance. We have a passion for learning from our guests and developing how we run our programs to best suit their needs. Taking notes from past guests, future guests, our team, and the world around us, we’ve created the QCL you know today.

You asked for this and we have listened…

As of the 2023 season each guest will be gifted a QCL water bottle for their use on site, and to bring home with them as a reminder of their experience at QCL.

With the uncertain times that plagued our world for nearly 2 years, this project was a long time coming and after long deliberations, problem solving and designing the perfect bottle for our guests, this water bottle means the world to us. It is our hope that, should you be visiting QCL this upcoming season, you bring it home with you to honour the environment and smile at the thought of your time at QCL.

A huge thank you to our partners, Helijet + Bridgeview for their contribution in this endeavor.

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