Your QCL Visit and COVID-19

March 6, 2020 by Duane Foerter0

Like many of you, we at QCL have been closely monitoring the global health concerns related to COVID-19, and we appreciate this is a very dynamic situation. The management team at QCL has been and will continue to closely monitor the status of the outbreak and its potential to impact the QCL experience for our guests and staff alike.

The QCL team recognizes that challenges exist that are to the largest extent beyond our control. For those things that are within our control we are going to take our responsibility to be prepared as top priority.

Preparedness needs to be the byword from this point forward. Given that our opening day is May 29th we are grateful that we have time to undertake steps necessary to ensure your safety. Even before you arrive you can be assured that we have screened all staff prior to heading up to the resort. Once there, and before opening day, we will prepare and deliver training of new standards of care in our handling of all aspects of service delivery. Enhanced food preparation procedures, staff cleanliness protocol, increased sanitizing stations and education will all be completed before the first guest arrives. We are working with our air carriers to make sure that they are an integral part of the team as they also add enhanced procedures and protocol.

Of utmost importance is the placement of trained emergency doctors on site every day of the season. They have their own clinic and equipment on site and are our best source of accurate up to date information. We’re grateful to have such an experienced team behind us.  Now, more than ever, we are excited to be leading the industry with this type of service.

At Queen Charlotte Lodge we intend to operate “business as usual” for our 2020 season, adding the highest level of diligence to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.  We know we can’t control what may come in the next few months from a global point of view.  However, we also know that we can provide the safest environment while you enjoy one of the most pristine, remote and simply amazing parts of the world. Thank you for choosing QCL as your remote 2020 fishing and adventure destination.

We will continue to keep you informed on this site as the summer approaches.

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