Kingfisher Report – August 2nd

August 3, 2013 by Duane Foerter0

A few days of northwesterly wind has kept the fishing effort focused on the waters between Klashwun Point and the Mazzaredos.  The morning action has been best in close to the shore at depths of 40 to 60 feet.  Later in the day we’re moving off to the 140 foot line and fishing just off the bottom much of the time.  These efforts are producing steady action on Chinooks in the 18 to 30 pound range with a few Tyees thrown into the mix.  

Of course there are always some giants swimming out there amongst them.  First time guest Cheyenne Fontaine managed to find and land one of these on her first day!  Fishing with guide Dan Rainville and her father Larry, Cheyenne boated a beautiful 40 pounder to join the QCL Tyee Club.  Congratulations Cheyenne!  On Wednesday morning Steve Bowers was fishing the drift between Bird 2 and Parker Point with his father Dennis when a heavy fish slammed his anchovy at 55 feet.  After a terrific battle they brought it to the boat.  At the Bell Ringer that night the digital scale confirmed 47 pounds and the celebrations continued with 4 cracks of the bell.  That’s an awesome fish guys – worthy of serious celebration!

Normally these northwesterly systems are accompanied by big blue skies but a large fog bank sat just on the edge of the fishing grounds, leaving the Mazzaredos in warm sheltered sunshine and Klashwun Point in cool blustery clouds.  As we start into the long weekend we’re expecting the winds to settle down to light westerlies and light southerlies.  Tides are moderate this weekend and we should see some sunshine every day over the next week! 

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