Kingfisher Report – July 30th

July 30, 2013 by Duane Foerter0

The final weekend in July proved to be another great fishing trip for QCL guests. With the weather swinging around to moderate northwest, anglers tended to focus on the waters east of Klashwun Point to the Mazzaredo Islands.  The fishing along that stretch has to be some of the finest salmon water anywhere and we had no problem keeping everyone busy with steady action on nice coho and Chinook salmon, spiced up with enough shallow water halibut for many pleasant surprises.  The effort was evenly balanced between those using herring, anchovies and artificials and they were all working.  

Fishing with QCL guide Kraig Coulter at Cape Edenshaw, Earl Devall boated a nice 30 pounder and then did battle with an even bigger Chinook that taped out to 48 pounds before they revived and released it.  Great work guys!  Over at the Mazzaredo’s, Makenna Clough did a wonderful job playing a big Tyee to the boat that scored at 38 pounds – welcome to the Tyee Club Makenna!  Thanks for letting that big one go!  Saturday was a fantastic day at Parker Point with Jordan Cruz boating a 49 pounder and Bryce Jones-Jonson a fifty!  Cameron & Cary Matthewson found an even bigger prize at Bird 2 when Cam hooked up with a beautiful chrome giant that took them a solid half hour to bring to the net.  That night at the Bell Ringer they celebrated Cameron’s joining the 50 Pounder Club with his 55 pound trophy! 

 On Sunday guide Ryan Simpkins took Tony Anderson back to Parker Point where a “cop car” spoon fished at 50 feet tempted a big Chinook to attack.  Tony came out on top though and celebrated his 46 pound prize with 4 cracks at the Tyee bell!  We’re also finding lots of nice halibut without trecking out too far from shore.  John Occhipinti released a big one that scored 74 pounds and 82 year old Ron Barbaro turned back an even bigger one that taped out to 82 pounds!  Great work guys!  The big fish of the day went to Dan Tardiff whose released halibut scored at 103 pounds! 

While it’s sure nice to see these big breeding females go back, thankfully there are lots of nice fish in the 30’s and 40’s to take home for the freezer.  With QCL’s unique portion packing program you can enjoy beautiful portion-sized chunks of halibut and salmon all year long, safely vacuum-sealed for fresh tasting fish any time. 

The beautiful warm & sunny weather should continue all week – and the staff are really soaking it all up!  The winds will stay moderate northwest so the calm waters behind the Bird Rocks, Parker Pt. and Cape Naden will definitely be popular destinations.  Tides are moderating all week.

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