Kingfisher Report – July 21st

July 22, 2014 by Duane Foerter0

The Bell Ringer was really rockin’ this weekend as lodge guests celebrated a splendid fishing escape weekend at QCL Haida Gwaii.  Arriving on our 737 charter direct from Calgary, they got right down to business with great salmon action turning on at Parker Point and later, over at Green Point.  Chinook catches had been overshadowed by the plentiful numbers of Coho last week (and no one’s complaining about the action) but it was great to see the big fish come back to normal levels.  Adam Dufresne had it going on already on Wednesday when he and guide Luke Wagner taped out a big beauty to 47 pounds before carefully releasing it. We also saw our first 15 pound Cohos on the dock Wednesday with Janice Bratz and Charlie Peebles both tagging one of these spectacular silver bullets.

 Friday night saw several fish in the 30’s on the scale and some impressive releases reported.  Fred Mannix released a sleek 32 pounder and Kirk Cottrell returned a big salmon that taped out to 43 pounds!  Great work guys!  On Saturday, 2014 Kingfisher Derby winner Bruce Severson returned to Klashwun Point with his guide Kraig Coulter and fishing buddy George Best.  They hadn’t been on the water more than an hour when Bruce’s herring-rigged offering was slammed by a heavy fish.  After a 40-minute dance, Kraig slipped the net beneath the deep chrome body of a massive salmon and their cheers went up!  These guys have caught some big fish but this looked to be a new high – and it was.  After careful measurements and a patient revival, the huge Chinook drove away from the boat with strong sweeps of its broad tail.  The numbers worked out to a season high fish of 68 pounds. A fantastic catch and a marvellous release!  Thanks guys and congratulations Bruce on becoming the newest member of the exclusive Kingfisher Club at Queen Charlotte Lodge!

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