Kingfisher Report | June 18, 2023

June 19, 2023 by Tayler Fuerst0

In true Haida Gwaii fashion, the North coast has seen some diverse weather and fishing conditions throughout the past few days!

We saw South Easterly winds to a Northwest only hours apart. Through these conditions, anglers have seen great success out on the fishing grounds. Bigger Chinook have started to roll through and Coho are plentiful right now. The salmon have not been to picky either, eating everything from anchovies to hardware.

Personally, I’ve been fishing mostly from Parker Point to Green Point, having great results with plenty of fish. Over the next couple of days we are expecting a semi-heavy westerly wind, which I am thinking is going to make the salmon fishing even better.

Bottom fishing has been great recently, with the offshore fishery heating up with both numbers and size. We’ve seen many oversized halibut being caught and released, as well as an increase in lingcod. If you read last week’s Kingfisher Report from the Fishmaster, we had a massive halibut caught trolling by Eagle Rock on an anchovy, weighing an approximate 250lbs!  The past trip continues to display a halibut trend, ranging in size, and many boats hooking up while trolling close to bottom without even leaving the hot salmon zones.

We have experienced loads of different wildlife; orcas breaching, eagles swarming bait balls on the surface and humpbacks popping up all day long. There have also been many salmon feeding on bait balls close to the surface, some even going airborne to get their fill of needlefish!

It’s been action-packed on the water throughout Trip 11!  

Guide, Ryan Green



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