Providing Fishing, First Class

June 21, 2023 by Tayler Fuerst0

At QCL, we spare no expense when it comes to providing our esteemed guests with the finest fishing experience. We understand that exceptional equipment is the key to a successful and enjoyable fishing trip. Therefore, we have curated a collection of premium fishing tackle, rods, reels, and rain gear to ensure that every angler is equipped with the best tools available.

When it comes to fishing tackle, we believe in nothing but the highest quality. Our tackle is sourced from renowned manufacturers who have a reputation for crafting top-of-the-line equipment. We offer a wide selection of lures, bait, hooks, lines, and other essential accessories that cater to various fishing techniques and preferences. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner, we have the right tackle to suit your needs and enhance your chances of landing that prized salmon.

Our fishing rods are custom made for QCL to provide the perfect blend of strength, sensitivity, and flexibility. We understand that different fishing conditions require different rod characteristics. We offer a range of rod options, from lightweight casting models for inshore fishing along the kelp beds, to mooching & trolling rods for battling salmon.  QCL also supplies powerful bottom fishing rods with backbone, but also flexibility, to take on our famous halibut. Our rods are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and optimal performance.

To complement our top-notch rods, we supply our guests with the best salmon fishing reel available – the Islander MR3. These reels are designed with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology to provide smooth and reliable operation. Islander reels are known for their exceptional drag systems, allowing you to effortlessly control the line tension during the fight with a salmon, helping to ensure a successful catch.

As weather conditions can be unpredictable in Haida Gwaii, we ensure that our guests are well-prepared with high-quality rain gear. We understand the importance of staying dry and comfortable during a fishing expedition, and that’s why we provide top-of-the-line waterproof jackets, pants, and boots. Partnering with Grundens to design custom equipment, our rain gear is made from advanced materials that are fully waterproof, allowing you to stay protected from the elements without compromising on comfort. To keep your feet warm, dry and very comfortable, we have chosen Bogs boots as our supplier for footwear.  We also provide a custom QCL hat to ensure that you are fully equipped for any weather conditions.

In addition to the premium fishing equipment, we offer a range of standard extras on board the boats to further enhance your fishing experience. These include cutting edge Lowrance fish finders with GPS and marine stereos with Sirius satellite radio and Bluetooth connectivity.  For safety, boats are also equipped with VHF marine radios and AIS systems.

At QCL, we believe that every detail matters, and providing our guests with the best equipment is an essential part of our commitment to excellence. We want you to have an unforgettable fishing adventure, and with our top-tier equipment, you can be confident in your ability to hook, fight, and land your prized catch. So, come and indulge yourself in the ultimate fishing experience at QCL, and experience fishing, first class!

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