Guide’s Report – July 11th

July 12, 2016 by Duane Foerter0

Friday afternoon left us with one of the most picturesque days that we have seen thus far. We experienced a flat calm day and sunny skies.  The bait swarmed our western fishing grounds and the fish followed suit. Klashwun Point was the center of most of the activity with many large Chinooks being caught within the area. The Coho arrived in large schools over the past 2 weeks, flooding our grounds with fish.  We have been fishing “Klash” the past couple of afternoon’s and the action has been steady.

When the Coho start coming into our grounds in numbers it marks a time of high activity. Coho salmon will spend their first year of life within specific rivers or streams along the West Coast. They will return to that same stream to spawn 3-4 years later. The Coho Salmon has even been transplanted into the freshwater great lakes of North America. The main features of the Coho are their white gums and acrobatic style of fighting when hooked. Unlike the Chinooks they have very little spotting on the lower lobes of their tails and are smaller in size. The average Coho that we have been seeing has been weighing 6-8 pounds but there are also 10 – 12 pounders mixed in there as well.  Boy do they hit hard!

Now all throughout the grounds the Coho are here and the guests can look forward to topping up their fish box with a Coho limit as well!



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