Kingfisher Report – June 4th

June 5, 2013 by Duane Foerter0

We’re happy to report that the 2013 fishing season has started off with a bang and it’s looking better every day! 

The fishing grounds are filled with life as we’re literally surrounded by a flurry of feeding birds, mammals and fish.  Angling alongside dozens of eagles and numerous humpback whales feeding close to shore, QCL guests are definitely feeling the Haida Gwaii magic. The humpbacks are a great indicator as to what’s happening on the grounds as they forage for the same baitfish that the salmon are currently feeding on. They have also been giving us many thrilling shows as they torpedo around, feeding, slapping their pectoral fins and their tail flukes on the surface of the water.  

Tuesday afternoon a large pod of Orcas traversed the fishing grounds out west around Klashwun Point, Eagle Rock, and Green Point. They were certainly hunting, a fantastic sight to see, but they have headed west again, leaving our fishing grounds free for us to fish without competition! 

While our guide team has been out testing the waters  for the past week with great success, the first guest fishing day yielded our first Tyees of the season. Katty Chaichian-Bateman hooked and landed a thirty-three pound Chinook Tuesday morning while fishing with her husband Rob. They were fishing at Parker Point where most of our larger fish have been hooked recently. We love it when the ladies come up and catch the fish of a lifetime! Katty has been challenging for a Tyee for seven years and is absolutely thrilled at having caught her first. Congratulations on joining the club!   Chris Cavelti also joined the ranks with a nice 31 pounder.  We are seeing good numbers of fish in the twenty’s among the many 16 to 20 pounders in all areas of our fishing grounds. With each tide change we have seen more and more new runs of fish showing up, with some larger fish being boated. 

But the big ones are definitely out here! We’re pleased to say that we have recorded our first 50 pounder of the year!  Making the rounds Tuesday in the Fishmaster boat, Rob Clough, guided by Matt Burr, caught and released a beautiful chrome-bright trophy right off the wall at Bird Rock II just before lunch!  Careful measurements scored the fish at 53 pounds before it was gently released to continue on its journey.  Well done boys! What a great omen to start the new season!

Looking ahead to the weekend, the weather is calling for moderate southerly winds through Friday / Saturday before swinging to moderate northwest late Sunday.  Tide changes are peaking at a 14 foot change as well so we’re looking forward to a fantastic weekend ahead!

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