Kingfisher Report | June 5, 2023

June 6, 2023 by Bre Guolo0

Step into an angler’s paradise, where the past week has been filled with excitement and bountiful catch. This past weekend saw mild mixed skies, and light rain.

Salmon fishing has been consistently impressive throughout the grounds. These days, in the early season, we commonly see lots of “feeder Springs” – powerful fighters and aggressive feeders, they’re generally in the mid-teen range.

Some of the standout spots for salmon fishing as of late have been Cape Edenshaw, Cape Naden and Bird 2, particularly during the morning ebb tide. Anglers have witnessed an influx of salmon, drawn by the abundance of baitfish.

Bottom fishing has been equally rewarding, and this past trip saw several good halibut releases! Jennifer D 50lbs, Candice W 65lbs and Andrew S 46lbs. Dan M, fishing with Scott R and QCL guide “Smurf”, was awarded the full set of halibut pins on Sunday night with 100lbs & 70lbs releases before boating a 47-pounder to keep – earning bronze, silver & gold pins! Congratulations everyone!

Looking at the week ahead we’ve got a mixed bag of weather in the forecast, winds west to southwest to northwest. Large tides with 7-to-17 foot swings daily.

Monday | LOW 9:08 am / 1.1 ft.  |  HIGH  3:39  pm / 15.2 ft

Tuesday | LOW 9:54 am / 1.2 ft.  |  HIGH   4:27 pm / 15.1 ft

Wednesday | LOW 10:43 am / 1.6 ft.  |  HIGH. 5:17 pm / 14.9 ft

Thursday | LOW 11:34 am / 2.3 ft.  |  HIGH  6:12 pm / 14.8 ft

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