Fishmaster Report for July 4th

July 4, 2019 by Duane Foerter2

Tyee salmon at QCLWow!  July! Already?  Like they say…Time flies when you’re having fun!  Our 29thseason –the 20thunder the stewardship of Paul Clough –has pretty much been a banner one so far.  Fair weather (for the most part), a terrific staff assembled for the summer, shiny new boats and, oh yeah, great fishing!  Lots of baitfish inshore with the requisite numbers of salmon, Humpbacks and eagles to go with it, even a couple of sea lions around at times to add the “on safari”component to the QCL Experience!

This week we’re seeing a major bump in the Coho numbers, just a little offshore and throughout the water column from surface down to 120 feet.  June Coho were all around 5-8 pounds but now the 10-pounders are pretty common so that certainly spices up the fishing action between the tides!

QCL salmon fishingChinook fishing remains very solid throughout the grounds, all the way from Cape Edenshaw to Green Point.  Most anglers are able to successfully target their favourite spots. Light to moderate northwesterlies have been predominant this summer; that steady push keeping the bait in Virago Sound where we (and the salmon) like it. The new moon this week has the tidal range up to 15-feet so being in the right place at the right time is fairly critical for success.  That said, our guests leaving tomorrow will go home with lots of tasty filets to enjoy and share over the coming months!


QCL salmon fishingQCL salmon fishingC&R Tyee at QCL



  • Bill Kelly

    July 6, 2019 at 2:43 pm

    Headed up to the lodge to see you next week. Can’t wait! I hear it has been very warm. What have the temps been like on the water?


    • Duane Foerter

      July 6, 2019 at 4:03 pm

      Hi Bill, It’ll be great to see you! We’ve had mostly very good weather this summer and it has been warm… in the harbour. We’ve seen some days at 18-20 degrees at the lodge but on the fishing grounds it’s more like 13-15 much of the time and the warmest day might have been 18 out there for part of the day. Perfect!


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