Guide’s Report for August 18th

August 18, 2015 by Duane Foerter0

Heading out onto the grounds today, I just had that feeling that it was going to be a spectacular day. 50816105-wEverything felt right. The sunrise was spectacular, my guests, a family of 3, were in such a great mood. The boys on the dock were just as excited as me to get out here and see what the day would bring them! I knew right away that we were heading to the east bay of Parker Point, the bay of pigs, as last night my guest lost one of the biggest fish I had ever seen there and he wanted to go back and see if he could get him back.

50816003-wNot even 5 minutes after I put the rods in the water the fish exploded off the rigger, popping the clip and started peeling line. What a great start!!!! After a 10-minute fight we landed the beauty… 33 pounds! My guests were elated. After the excitement died down we were right in the middle of an amazing conversation when the reel starting screaming again! Again?? Could it be another Tyee? Half an hour and several strong runs later, we got the fish in the boat.


Another Tyee… coming in tonight at 33 pounds as well. What a day! The Chinook action was steady all day. (This place really is Disneyland.) I can’t wait to get out and see what tomorrow brings. Until then, tight lines!


Randy “the Hitman” Zinck

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