Guide’s Report – July 23rd

July 24, 2016 by Duane Foerter1

Today’s forecast of mild southerly windsFamily Fishing Success at QCL! held true, and with southerly winds, rain is usually expected in Dixon Entrance. Today was no different. For some guests and guides who left the dock early in the AM, a morning bite at a couple of our fishing points proved to be worthy of the early wake up.  But, as has proven to be the case over the past couple of days, once this morning bite is over most of the Chinook action has been in deeper water as the day carries on. Unconventional methods, as compared to the in-close, shallow depth, and “hugging the kelp” method, seem to be more productive as the day carries on. Running your gear deeper down in deeper water can prove successful.Family Fishing Success at QCL!

Coho action is still mostly an offshore affair. Working the 200-plus foot line with the riggers down 20 to 50 feet can lead to double or triple headers once a school of these silver acrobats are found. The key is to keep covering water, following tide lines and looking for feeding birds. Double back or drive the boat in large circles until the bite ends…after that, follow the tide line for another chance at silver.

Sunday’s forecast is for more light southerly winds. Guests and guides will be anticipating the final day of the trip.  Hopefully it will be a day filled with plenty of fish and lots of action…new friends…memories to last a lifetime and a chance hog hiding in the kelp. See you out on the water!

’till next time…

Keep your tip up…line tight…and hang on for the ride!

Jeff “Smurf”

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  • Derald

    July 27, 2016 at 5:12 am

    Nice! Looking forward to our arrival next week!


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