Kingfisher Report – August 21st

August 19, 2013 by Duane Foerter0

August fishing up here at The Lodge is generally characterized by warmer weather, bigger Coho and the odd giant Chinook!  While we haven’t seen too many giants this month we’re batting a thousand on the weather and the Coho.  It doesn’t get much more exciting than to set the hook on a deep-sided Northern when it slams your polar bear bucktail and launches skyward in the twisting turning aerial frenzy that these silver princes are famous for!  (a fly fisher’s bias I suppose!)

Salmon fishing continues to be very consistent as their migration to the home stream continues.  The abundance of bait in the area has definitely helped keep fish in close to shore where weighted rod and downrigger anglers alike have found considerable success.  The hallmark of this season has to be the 18-20 pound Chinook – there hasn’t been a day this summer when you couldn’t go out and catch a couple of these fantastic gamefish.  They’re so strong and athletic that they’re always exciting to catch, heavy enough to test your skills and provide just the perfect size filet for the ultimate salmon dinner!  And there are still lots of them out there.

Of course salmon anglers always want to get a chance at a Tyee and there’s plenty of opportunity in close to shore, working along the kelp beds.  Keith Taylor boated a nice 38 pounder on Friday with guide Jeff Smirfitt, Pete Welly landed a 35 with guide Andrew Simpson and Jim Broadfoot released a 37 pound beauty with guide Greg Horton.  Nice work guys!  The big fish of the weekend was a stunning 44 pound Chinook caught by Wayne Lloyd at Bird Rock 2 on Sunday morning – what a great fish!  In their annual fishing derby the Huber brothers duked it out, releasing several nice big Chinooks with Conrad emerging victorious on Sunday night with 35 and 36 pound released Tyees.  Beautiful fishing guys!

For this week we’re looking at quite changeable weather with the winds swinging all around the compass and mainly cloudy skies interspersed with regular doses of rain and sunshine!  Summer temperatures of around 18 degrees.  Island weather to be sure!

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