It’s a Guide’s Life – June 26th

June 27, 2017 by Duane Foerter0

Calm waters continued through the remainder of our weekend trip. This worked out quite well, as the majority of our fish were being caught in the waters from Eagle Rock to Green Point, making the run to the top side quite pleasant.  Once again the afternoon ebb tide seemed to produce the best fishing of the day for both salmon and bottom fish. Back at the Bell Ringer, everyone was having a good time on Sunday night, celebrating their day’s catch and an overall fun weekend at QCL!

Our weekday trip is now underway, with new guests arriving this morning. My two guests are on their first ever salmon fishing trip and they kicked it off in fine form! We started the day at Bird Rock 2 and saw a couple of other boats hook fish, but were eventually pushed out by an abundance of floating kelp that made it tough to keep the lines down. Then we drifted down to Parker Point with the northwest winds that started this morning. While approaching the Point, the left rod started to pump and my one guest was quick to grab the rod and set the hook on his first ever salmon. I quickly started clearing our back line when the right rod buried into the water and all of a sudden my other guest now had his first ever salmon on the line. Double header! This father-son duo played these fish like pros and we soon bagged two mid-teeners. After lunch things slowed down a bit but we managed to hook and land a hard-fighting twenty-pounder on our final pass of the afternoon!

Back at the dock I heard three rings of the bell on three separate occasions while cleaning my boat. This meant that a few Tyees came in today. Here’s to hoping we can hook into one of them tomorrow!

(Check out Glenda’s 34 pounder in the photo above!)

Tight lines,

Jackson “Wacko Jacko” Jane


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