Kingfisher Report for July 15th

July 15, 2013 by Duane Foerter0

QCL guests departing the lodge this morning enjoyed an amazing weekend of fishing and some splendid weather. The waters between Cape Naden and Klashwun Point have been particularly productive, especially around high slack tide. We’re getting into some nice big Chinooks these days, trolling herring and anchovies at 35 – 45 feet off the points. The offshore drift from Yatze down to Cape Naden, fishing down 50 – 90 feet in 120 feet of water, has been awesome, producing steady Chinook action through much of the day. Those green & glow and green/chrome spoons are also working wonders on both salmon and halibut.

Salmon highlights for the weekend were a 46 pound Chinook for Grant Mason, a 45 pounder for Bob Baxter, a 44 for Jean Marasse and a 48 lb Tyee for first timer Stephanie Brun-Brunet. Fishing along with Stephanie was Lecia Stewart, no stranger to big fish, who landed 3 Tyees – 31, 33, 38 lb – over the weekend with the expert assistance of QCL guide Jason Orr. What a fishing trip ladies! Great job Jason! Another big fish was caught and released at Parker Point on Saturday night by guide Craig Coulter, taping it out to 44 pounds. Congratulations!

We’re still picking up some bigger halibut (up to 60 pounds) incidentally while trolling for salmon in these areas. Moving off to water depths of 150 – 180 feet off Shag Rock, the Bird Rocks and Cape Naden, is consistently producing strong halibut catches through slack tide periods.

Special mention goes out to successful halibut-hunters Jean Marasse 46 lb., Terry Dirk 46 lb., Punia Harpal 48 lb., Boris Culum 44 lb., Joey Johnstone 42 lb., and Eric Macey 42 lb.. The big hali for the trip was caught by Valerie Broda while salmon fishing off Yatze – a 60 pounder that required some serious pulling on Valerie’s part! Good job!

The coming week looks sunny with big blue skies and moderate winds out of the northwest. The good news is that the best fishing has been exactly where we’ll be focused this week – Cape Naden to Klashwun Point! Stay tuned for more reports!

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