Kingfisher Report – July 17th

July 17, 2013 by Duane Foerter0

Sunshine is the order of the week and QCL staff and guests alike are reveling in it. While the weather so far this season has been particularly fine, these warm temperatures are bringing out the sun tanning crowd and tempting the brave to go for a dip in the cool waters of Naden Harbour. It’s a treat to be sure.

Out on the fishing grounds the salmon action is pretty steady with the slack tides providing a definite bump in activity. The perennial favourite fishing hole at Bird Rock 2 has come through on both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, yielding some stunning Tyees to the early anglers. Fishing with QCL guide Craig Coulter, Driftwood guest Kyle Shropshire became the newest inductee to the 50 Pounder Club with a beautiful big Chinook that taped out to 52 pounds. After a solid battle Kyle decided to let the big salmon return to the sea and after a few minutes of recovery they watched it swim to the safety of the kelp forest below. (They did the same with a nice 34 pounder just an hour later!) Great job Kyle!

The waters between Bird 2 and Bird 1 have been very productive with the fish moving through various depths with the changes in the tides and light levels. The traditional hiding spots along the kelp beds have produced very well but the bulk of the catch is coming from slightly deeper waters, generally along the 120 foot line all the way from Klashwun Point to Cape Naden. We’re still seeing lots of exciting feeder springs in the mix with larger Chinooks and coho in the 7-10 pound range. On Tuesday night, right at high slack, the action was hot well off the face of Bird 2. Several nice Chinooks were taken and Derald Walker, fishing with guide Jason Drury, hooked up a hot fish on the outside of the group. Some aggressive reeling and expert boatmanship combined to bring a beautiful big Tyee to the boat in short order. After a measurement and a quick photo Jason released the stunning chrome bar which taped out to 35 pounds. Great work guys! That was exciting to watch!

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