June 20, 2024 Tayler Fuerst0

The northwest winds are finally here!

After a long couple of trips filled with southeasts, salmon fishing is slowly but surely starting to improve. We have been seeing Chinooks from offshore pinnacles, down deep, anywhere from 120ft to 150ft on the downrigger. Pink and Coho are seen more shallow using spoons, hoochies and plugs. Of course, the boats that are fishing inshore have seen some success, though not as action packed as the offshore troll but as the NW winds continue for the next few days that should shift.

Bottom fishing has been steady, with many nice Halibut and other bottom dwellers in the mix. Proof that if you work hard and jig hard, you’ll be rewarded!

Wildlife has been plentiful – Humpbacks, orcas and of course those pesky sealions. Black bears have been seen roaming the beaches regularly, so guests have been keeping their eyes peeled between bites!

Good luck to those coming these next few trips, let’s all do a fish dance!

QCL Guide, Max Hadrich


February 14, 2024 Tayler Fuerst0

As the winter months pass us by, we are back with another QCL Signature Series recipe. This time featuring Smoked Salmon, Beets and a Goat Cheese Dressing – A salad perfect for lunch or in addition to dinner.


  • 3 Beets, medium sized
  • 90ml Olive Oil
  • 115g Goat Cheese
  • 60ml Buttermilk
  • 15ml White Wine Vinegar
  • 5g fresh chopped Dill
  • 200g sliced Smoked Salmon
  • 150g Arugula
  • ½ Avocado, sliced
  • 2 Green Onions, sliced
  • ½ Lemon


  1. Preheat oven to 400 F
  2. Rub beets with 30ml of Olive Oil and Salt + Pepper
  3. Once seasoned, place beets on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and roast in oven for 40 mins
  4. Remove from oven, peel and slice (or dice) to your liking
  5. In a food processor combine Goat Cheese, Buttermilk, White Wine Vinegar, Olive Oil, half of the Dill, and Salt + Pepper to taste. Mix until smooth.
  6. Separate slices of the Smoked Salmon and sliced Avocado
  7. Dress Arugula and Green Onions with dressing. Place on bottom of serving dish
  8. Place Smoked Salmon, Beets, Avocado and remaining Dill on bed of Arugula
  9. Drizzle with more Goat Cheese Dressing, to your liking, and finish with a squeeze of fresh Lemon

Don’t worry if you’ve moved through your supply of QCL caught fish already, our Taste of B-Sea program runs year round. The finest quality fish and shellfish, these products are Ocean Wise and come from some of the most sustainable fisheries in the world using the most eco-friendly fishing methods.

To learn more and to place your order, contact us | 1-800-688-8959


July 20, 2023 Bre Guolo0

If the 2023 fishing season will be remembered for any one particular thing, it’s very likely to be the shear abundance of fish!  From the early masses of needlefish we’ve encountered inshore since May and the dense schools of herring now over the pinnacles and halibut grounds, it’s no wonder there are so many salmon around!  Throughout the first half of the season we’ve been awash in feeding Chinook and Coho.  These early fish have been smaller than the migratory version we’re more accustomed to, but they’ve more than made up for it with their aggressive nature and persistent hunger for whatever we put in front of them!  Translation… our guests haven’t been sitting down much!

Now that we’ve passed the mid-point of the season, we’re seeing more of what we expect in July, with strong numbers of beautiful, chunky, 20-something Chinooks and those summer Coho are getting up into the 10 pound-plus class.  The Tyee Bell is tolling every evening at the Bell Ringer in celebration of memorable catches… for larger salmon, halibut and lingcod.

Another observation is the interest that our guests are showing in all things ocean and fishery related.  Whether it’s speculation on why so many “feeders” are inshore this summer, to questions about kelp beds and sea urchins, or the difference between resident and transient orcas… there’s a new level of awareness in the air.  And it’s a good thing… we all have a role to play in protecting the health of the oceans and marine life and it starts with being interested.  There’s much to learn and to understand and it’s exciting to share all of this with our guests who come to enjoy the QCL Experience every summer!

Duane Foerter


July 14, 2023 Tayler Fuerst0
“Fish on!”

A common phrase in the QCL anglers’ vocabulary, defining the past trip here at QCL.

It’s halfway through the season and we’re seeing consistent action on the water. There has been plenty of opportunity to land Chinook, the majority ranging in size from 9-16 pounds. Complementing the fishing, we’ve seen tons of wildlife on the grounds. Nothing beats watching a whale show in-between bites!

Recently, our days have started with a windy ride through Virago Sound and these higher winds pushed plenty of bait in! A familiar tack amongst the guides is to cruise our way up to Klashwun Point, and do the “Haida Drift”, working points down to the Mazerrado Islands.

Starting our day with a trip up to a favourite of mine, Parker Point, we were met by a few other boats aiming for a release worthy fish like us. We began on the top side of Parker, worked our way on the inside tack, in about 50 feet of water, with lines set to 27 & 37 ft. Immediately we received a hit on the anchovy. This seemed to be a multi species tool, landing plenty of Coho, Chinook and the odd Chum or Pink. We later set off from Parker to the shores of “B1”, where there was consistent action with Chinooks (10-15 pounds). Within a short 5 hours on the water, we found ourselves limited out for salmon, occasionally even trolling up the odd Halibut within Cape Naden. With large unpredictable tides, bottom fishing and finding bait can be difficult in the beginning but is manageable as you stick it out.

Just as quickly as the day started, the bite slowed signally the time to head back to the Bell Ringer to swap stories with a cocktail in hand. Another good day of fishing in the Gwaii, with plenty more to come.

Guide, Wyatt Fulthorpe



April 19, 2023 Bre Guolo0

Haida Gwaii – An archipelago located off the northern coast of British Columbia, known for its pristine natural beauty and rich culture. A popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, Haida Gwaii is home to some of the best salmon fishing grounds in the world. QCL offers guests the opportunity to this incredible corner of the world and fish its abundant waters.

One of the most important factors to consider when fishing on the ocean is the vessel in which you are fishing. The ocean is a vast, ever-changing environment and ensuring you are in a boat created for safety and ease of fishing is essential. With over 30 years of experience fishing Haida Gwaii waters, we know what works, and what doesn’t.

With that, we are excited to announce some updates to our on-water program for the quickly approaching 2023 season – A new series of boats! Ten custom-built boats will be introduced to our fleet, arriving shortly, to replace a grouping of boats that we have elected to retire.

Built in Prince Rupert by industry leading professionals who understand the demands of our marine environment, our new 22’ boats are state-of-the-art vessels, fitted with the latest equipment and technology. They feature comfortable seating, ample storage space for gear and tackle, and are equipped with AIS, GPS, and fish-finding technology. The boats are also equipped with brand new engines, enabling guests to reach their desired fishing destinations safely and quickly.

In addition to the practical features of these new boats, they are aesthetically pleasing, with sleek designs. Featuring the classic QCL red, our guests will glide through the waters of Haida Gwaii in style.

Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, these boats will provide the perfect platform for exploring the waters and catching some of the best salmon and bottom fish anywhere in the world.


June 14, 2019 Duane Foerter2

An escape to this remote corner of the world is on the wish list for a lot of people, and for good reason!  It’s definitely an angler’s paradise; those gorgeous chrome-bright salmon sure make an impression on you!  The wilderness seascapes of the fishing grounds are literally overflowing with an abundance of life –both above and below the surface.  Sharing a breath of salt sea air with a feeding humpback whale just a rod’s length off your boat is a sure testament to that – especially while you’re reeling in a nice lingcod off the other side!

Guests staying with us this week got to experience all that and more. Among our guests we were thrilled to host Kevin Costner and his family who were able to enjoy the QCL Experience with us.  We’re so pleased that we were able to show them some beautiful BC wilderness along with some warm QCL hospitality. While they’re returning home with a nice box of fish we hope that their whole family takes along many fond memories of their visit here.

June fishing continues to be very productive with good numbers of Chinook salmon in all weight classes.  Sixteen lucky anglers got to ring the Tyee bell over the past 4 days, celebrating what most would consider the fish of a lifetime. But like we always say, there so much more to it than just fishing!


August 6, 2018 Duane Foerter0

Well it’s early August and our new guests arrived in bright sunshine and blue skies this morning, excited and smiling at their good fortune.  With a forecast of light variable winds and favourable tides, they know they could be in for something very special this week.  We’ve recently experienced some ups and downs weather-wise and have certainly seen how it can affect the anglers’success.  Fortunately our track record is pretty solid and it’s very rare to get a “bad”weather day without getting a “good”one in return.

Our two most recent trips are good examples. Last week moderate to strong northwesterlies limited access to some of the fishing grounds over the first couple of days and the catch record confirmed it.  But along came Thursday and everything changed.  We got out early and enjoyed a full day of fantastic fishing, enjoying the whole of the grounds and catching lots of fish.  Everyone picked up some Chinooks and got into some nice Coho offshore.  Most had managed to get one halibut earlier in the week and practically everyone got out to get a second on Thursday.  There was a buzz in the dining room that night with the energy provided by a banner day on the water.

Exciting Chinook action at QCLOvernight the winds swung to southeast and threatened to corner everybody at Edenshaw for the weekend.  Our new guests arrived and headed out, prepared for what Mother Nature was about to serve up.  Friday weather turned out to be pretty moderate and we saw a very respectable catch on the dock that night.  Saturday was definitely the test and the eastern grounds were not rewarding us with many treasures.  Oh, there were fish caught, but there was considerable time between bites.  At dinner we shared a favourable forecast for Sunday and surely everyone went to bed with their fingers crossed!

At 6:00 am, dawn broke with a patchy blue sky and just a light breeze.  It was a quick breakfast for sure and everybody was on their way.  Once again, easy access to any of your favourite spots feels fantastic and every guide had a plan.  Tides were moderate but still a factor to plan around, whether fishing for salmon inshore or bottom fishing on the outside.  Over the course of the day the Fishmaster reported decent catches going on practically everywhere; not much chatter on the radio, everybody was busy!

The beautiful sunny weather and great fishing saw most anglers lingering on the water right until the 8:00 pm call. Meanwhile, back at the Bell Ringer, the totes were lined up out the door.  The atmosphere down there was electric with cheers, jeers and high-fives going off all the time.  We didn’t weigh any monsters last night but the bell was ringing pretty steadily for some 30-something Chinooks, teen-sized Coho and a few halibut just too big to bring home!  The last fish hit the scale at 10:34 pm and the dining room was busy well after that!

In most of our daily lives we’ve created a  world with few limitations; we can get pretty much anything we want when we want it.  Part of the appeal of the fishing adventure is that lack of control.  Just being out in a wild place and experiencing everything it has to offer –“good”and “bad”- is a huge attraction for many of us.  And here at the Lodge, we’re privileged to watch that story unfold day after day!


May 17, 2018 Duane Foerter0
A few decades ago, it was all about catching a big fish. Most visitors to remote fishing resorts and lodges were only hooked on fishing; accommodations and amenities were barely a thought. Nowadays people come for the experience. In fact, some guests don’t even care if they catch a fish. Being there, immersing yourself in nature is reward enough.

Some resorts have no trouble baiting travelers angling for luxury. After you’ve been out on the briny blue, celebrating over cocktails with your new fishing chums, immerse yourself in a hot tub, tuck into chef-prepared superb cuisine with fine wines and then drift off under plump duvets and sheets made of the finest Egyptian cotton next to your private bathroom. Several fishing lodges are land-based, where you can stroll pristine sandy beaches, hike through old growth forest. Or spend the afternoon watching wildlife—whale sightings are the norm.

However, there’s nothing like the thrill of reeling in a big fish. For beginning anglers, a good day’s fishing can be a crapshoot, but not in the waters surrounding these resorts. The rugged shoreline of the Central Coast, the west coast of Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii provide ideal habitat for vast shoals of baitfish. There are countless nooks and crannies for salmon, as well as gravel banks and pinnacles for halibut, rockfish, and lingcod. Snagging a salmon is more the rule than the exception – the resort guides know exactly where ocean fish are biting.

There are fishing lodges and resorts throughout B.C. that can provide all-inclusive packages– including accommodation, meals, fishing gear and service– to meet most budgets. Here are a few of B.C.’s finest…

Queen Charlotte Lodge, Haida Gwaii

This remote part of the world is a welcome escape from daily life, and Queen Charlotte Lodge (QCL), on the northern shores of Haida Gwaii in Naden Harbour, offers a unique mix of adventure and comfort, friendship and fun.

Once the site of an old whaling station, QCL sits on 20 acres, surrounded by old-growth forest and beachfront. It offers five different kinds of accommodation, from the main lodge with 24 rooms to private chalets with private chefs. While nowhere can guarantee that you’ll catch a fish, QCL guarantees you’ll never be hungry, and you’re spoilt for choice.

For instance, the main dining room offers three appetizers, six entrees and three desserts, with a big barbecue buffet the night you arrive. Variety kicks in at other venues:  Chef at the Buoy Teppanyaki House will prepare surf ‘n’ turf at your table, or maybe you prefer to hang out at the Bell Ringer and pick a lobster from the live tank after enjoying just-prepared salmon and albacore tuna sushi (all Ocean Wise) at the Kingfisher lounge…

A typical day:

4.30 a.m. Full-on breakfast in the main lodge or if you need to be on the water before dawn, cappuccino and breakfast sandwich to go at the dock.
6 a.m.: Catch 20lb chinook salmon
9 a.m.: Stop by the Driftwood (anchored on the fishing grounds) for a bathroom break, coffee and muffin.
11 a.m. -2 p.m.: BBQ lunch on the Driftwood, including salad bar, chowder and chili.
5 p.m.: Cocktails (go for the Twin Creek Smash) and pub snacks at the Bell Ringer, a social house with a weigh scale and excellent bartender. Here is where you tell stories and trade lies and your catch is weighed. Party central.
7 p.m.: Main lodge for dinner: Ponzu-cured Albacore or BC spot prawns followed by herb-crusted halibut and an extensive wine list.
9 p.m.:  Kingfisher Lounge downstairs with port and cheese or Irish Coffee around the fireplace.
Charters depart Fridays and Mondays from Vancouver to Masset for three- or four-night stays from June through August.  All-inclusive fly-in fishing packages start at $4,895.



July 15, 2013 Duane Foerter0

QCL guests departing the lodge this morning enjoyed an amazing weekend of fishing and some splendid weather. The waters between Cape Naden and Klashwun Point have been particularly productive, especially around high slack tide. We’re getting into some nice big Chinooks these days, trolling herring and anchovies at 35 – 45 feet off the points. The offshore drift from Yatze down to Cape Naden, fishing down 50 – 90 feet in 120 feet of water, has been awesome, producing steady Chinook action through much of the day. Those green & glow and green/chrome spoons are also working wonders on both salmon and halibut.

Salmon highlights for the weekend were a 46 pound Chinook for Grant Mason, a 45 pounder for Bob Baxter, a 44 for Jean Marasse and a 48 lb Tyee for first timer Stephanie Brun-Brunet. Fishing along with Stephanie was Lecia Stewart, no stranger to big fish, who landed 3 Tyees – 31, 33, 38 lb – over the weekend with the expert assistance of QCL guide Jason Orr. What a fishing trip ladies! Great job Jason! Another big fish was caught and released at Parker Point on Saturday night by guide Craig Coulter, taping it out to 44 pounds. Congratulations!

We’re still picking up some bigger halibut (up to 60 pounds) incidentally while trolling for salmon in these areas. Moving off to water depths of 150 – 180 feet off Shag Rock, the Bird Rocks and Cape Naden, is consistently producing strong halibut catches through slack tide periods.

Special mention goes out to successful halibut-hunters Jean Marasse 46 lb., Terry Dirk 46 lb., Punia Harpal 48 lb., Boris Culum 44 lb., Joey Johnstone 42 lb., and Eric Macey 42 lb.. The big hali for the trip was caught by Valerie Broda while salmon fishing off Yatze – a 60 pounder that required some serious pulling on Valerie’s part! Good job!

The coming week looks sunny with big blue skies and moderate winds out of the northwest. The good news is that the best fishing has been exactly where we’ll be focused this week – Cape Naden to Klashwun Point! Stay tuned for more reports!


March 28, 2013 Duane Foerter0

Our 2013 season is almost full!

If you haven’t done it yet, now is definitely the time to plan that fishing trip you’ve been talking about! We’ve been booking up dates for 2013 since last summer and we’re pleased to say that it’s looking like a very busy season is ahead. Be sure to call soon to ensure that you don’t miss out! To make it easy here’s the 2013 Trip Calendar!

New for 2013 – GPS Chartplotter

In our constant effort to improve our fishing program we’re adding some great new technology to every boat in the fleet this summer. The Lowrance Elite 5 Combination Fishfinder Chartplotter is an easy-to-use tool that will assist QCL anglers in many ways. It features a built-in chart of our fishing area showing in detail all of the points and bays you’re looking for. The built-in GPS is a valuable navigation tool, especially when we’ve programmed in all of the key routes, waypoints and fishing hotspots throughout the fishing grounds! It’s wide coverage sonar capability shows more bait and fish, yet will still be accurate enough to show true depth, as well as bottom structure and fish holding near or on the bottom.Chartplotter

Longjaw’s Lesson – “Fishing with a Dummy”

QCL Dock Manager and Head Guide Ryan “LongJaw” Ashton heads our team of fishing pros and is always happy to share some great fishing advice!

No – we’re not talking about fishing with the buddy who left the drink cooler on the dock, forgot his license in his room, and knocked your fish off with the net! We’re talking about Dummy Flashers – hooking up a flasher to your downrigger cannonball, instead of running it on your main fishing line.  This setup allows all of the benefits of a flasher without the drag in the water which takes away much of the play of a fish.

When trolling with downriggers, flashers are used to attract salmon from greater distances where he is more likely to find your bait.  A rotating flasher gives off a flash of reflecting sunlight, and produces a vibration that is picked up by a salmon’s lateral line.  This flash and “sound” mimics the actions of a feeding salmon, and brings nearby fish closer to investigate.

If flashers have a downside, it is that they produce drag in the water against a fighting fish, often giving an undesirable feeling on the rod.  I even wondered if the fish can use this as leverage to pull a hook out of their mouth! This is where the dummy flasher setup really shines!  Connecting the flasher directly to the cannonball completely eliminates the drag when playing the fish.  All you have between the rod tip and the fish is a swivel and a hook – nothing to slow him down or impede the action.  It is amazing to feel every headshake!   Another advantage is you will not lose your flasher if a fish breaks off – it always remains attached to the cannonball.

Our custom downrigger setups at QCL are ready to fish with this technique.  Using the flashers and special lines included in your tacklebox, simply connect one end of the dummy flasher line to the narrow end of the flasher, and the other end to the eyelet of the cannonball.  Then carefully lower the ball and flasher into the water.  Let your bait out around 8 – 10 feet behind the boat, and connect the fishing line into the release clip.  The clip is already set at the proper distance above the ball to prevent tangles, but it is important to lower the entire rig at a controlled speed to avoid problems – don’t let it free fall!

I am completely convinced that flashers are effective at bringing fish in towards your gear – I can recall numerous occasions when salmon chased my flasher right up to the surface as the downrigger ball was retrieved.  I was able to drop my lure into the water in front of the fish, and watch them hit right before my eyes – what a rush!

If you want to give this flasher setup a try, just ask us our dock crew for more information.  We’ll get you geared up properly, and know you’ll love fishing with a dummy!

Look for our banner in downtown Calgary!

The response to our direct flights from Calgary in June has been very positive. Alberta anglers like having the ability to leave Calgary after breakfast and be hooked up with a Tyee at Bird 2 before lunch! We are getting a lot of enquiries from our Alberta guests who would like to fly direct to Masset from Calgary. We are always trying to improve our program and we have come up with a great solution. For this summer consider a couple of dates: June 7 – 10 and June 10 – 14. We can provide direct service between Calgary and Masset with our chartered 737 on these 2 trips. The response has already been so great we may need to look for additional dates. Be sure to give us a call to find out more and reserve your seats!


Do you use in your travel planning?

We’re finding more and more of our guests use online services like when planning their travels. If you’ve ever used it in your own research you know that it can be a valuable resource in considering places to stay and things to do. QCL has a listing on their site and if you’re so inclined, please take a moment and share your thoughts! We’d appreciate it! To visit our page on Trip Advisor click here.