June 25, 2014 Elyse Hebert0

After South Westerly wind tore up the fishing grounds this past weekend, anglers were forced to hold off on fishing early Sunday morning. They stuck to the Eastern fishing grounds, Edenshaw, to avoid the rough waters that came along with the storm. This combined with a super pod of killer whales resulted in guests and guides having to work extra hard to fill their fish boxes, BUT all of our guests still went home with fish and had a great time!

Out on the water and back on the dock it was looking like our guests on Monday were also going to have a bit of a struggle to get their limits, but around  8:00 pm on Monday night Green Point lit up and the few guests the stuck out there to the end had an amazing night playing Chinook after Chinook.

The fleet hit the grounds on Tuesday and the bite was on! A new run of salmon hit and they were abundant! It was easily our most productive salmon day of the season and the Chinook were just the start of it. The Coho have finally hit and they came in strong. If the past couple of days are any indication of what is to come, guests will be going home with their 8 salmon! The average size of Coho was between 7-8 lbs, and one giant weighing in at 11 lbs! Chinook have maintained their size mostly in the 15-20 lb range, with a couple in the 30’s and the catch of the day on Tuesday a 47 lber!

Tight lines!


June 24, 2014 Elyse Hebert0

Last week at the Lodge, Mark Kasumovich – QCL Guide & Sales Representative – guided a wonderful individual into a battle with the largest salmon of his life, a 45lb Chinook. The most fulfilling moment of guest Doug Weis’s career ensued moments after he slipped the net around his fish and swung it into the boat. He turned to his son and guide Mark, and with a tear-stained eye he said that it was one of the happiest days of his life! Doug and Justin, you came to the Lodge as friends but you left as family! We hope to see you both up again sometime very soon.


June 20, 2014 Elyse Hebert0

The sunshine has hit Queen Charlotte Lodge, and with it has come some great fishing. The average size of Chinook is going up, and we have seen a lot of great fish hit the dock. On Monday Bill Coss brought a 56 lb Chinook in, which is now the largest salmon of the season! He picked it up at Yachts Bay on a green spoon. The green Tiger Prawn Spoons have been proven time after time this season and helped bring in a multiple 50s’ now – always a popular choice with the guides and guests! In addition to Springs, we are starting to get the odd Coho in, getting up to 10 lb’s in size which is a great indication for what the coming weeks should bring.

All of our regular spots have been producing fish, but Klash and Parker Point have been proving to be particularly hot spots. Although there are fish all day, the most productive times to get out there is early morning, and at the end of the day when more consistent numbers of the fish seem to be getting caught.

Halibut fishing has continued to stay strong, with 15-20 lber’s coming in regularly, and a few over 30. We have seen guests picking up great Hali trolling for salmon over the past two days in the 12-18 lb range.

If you’re looking to top up your box don’t forget to go for a few black bombers and lingcod for a tasty treat! We have been seeing more lingcod and rockfish and the dock lately and are a great way to increase the amount of fish you are going home with!

Back at the Bellringer, the drinks are flowing, the music is playing and guests are having a great time after a long day on the water. The kelp bongs are scheduled to make an appearance any day now, but if that’s not your style there are plenty of options and tasty treats to help warm up.  The playful competition between friends and thrill of the day’s catch all adds up to a great time on the dock!


June 19, 2014 Duane Foerter0

Bird Rock 2 is living up to its legendary status as one of the finest fishing holes in Haida Gwaii if not the entire coast. The underwater structure, the kelp forest and the particular tidal flow around Virago Sound all come together here to make it a real sweet spot for Chinook salmon. So it’s no surprise that it’s a favourite of many QCL anglers year after year. And it rarely disappoints.

Early on Sunday, Father’s Day morning, Bill Harris decided to let his brother Linton have a little sleep-in while staying aboard the Driftwood. (conveniently anchored at Bird 2) Bill pulled away from the swim grid and immediately began trolling the 50 yards toward the outer point of Bird Rock 2. He made a couple of passes off the point and then proceeded around the kelp bed and along the wall. Halfway down the rock, the inside rod dipped and he jumped to set the hook. Almost immediately the outside rod started to bounce and he knew he had his hands full. Fortunately the second fish popped the clip and made a bee-line toward the Driftwood. Keeping the first fish under control, Bill grabbed the radio mike and called the ship for assistance. The Fishmaster swung by, picked up Bill’s nephew Trevor off the ship, and delivered him to the boat with all the bent rods on it. After several twists and turns they managed to get both fish to the net and into the boat. Bills reward… a beautiful pair of Tyee salmon weighing in at 41 and 32 pounds! Happy Father’s Day from Bird Rock 2! Less than an hour later Linton boated a nice 31 pounder in the same bay for a family hat trick.

The 12th Annual Kingfisher Derby at QCL generated lots of suspense over the weekend with determined anglers working all of their favourite spots from 7 am to 7 pm every day. With the top prize of $30000 going to the largest released salmon and $6000 to the largest killed salmon there is a fair bit of gutsy strategy involved. Perhaps the shrewdest move of the derby was played by Brad McAdoo on Sunday morning when he brought a nice heavy Chinook to the boat off Bird Rock 1. With his guide Andrew Simpson advising him on the estimated size of the fish, (as it rested in the water inside the net) Brad chose not to release it and instructed the derby officials that it would be a killed fish. Considering that the largest released fish to that point was sitting at a score of 32.5 pounds, many anxious competitors listening on the radio shook their heads in disbelief when Brad’s salmon score was announced at 35.9! With only a few hours of fishing time remaining there was a chance that his salmon might be the largest fish caught.

But with less than 90 minutes until the final horn, Bruce Severson and his guide Kraig Coulter called for a derby official at Klashwun Point. Kraig passed Bruce’s netted Chinook over to the Weighmaster for scoring. Minutes later, after the big silver beauty was revived and carefully released, the announcement confirmed that there was a new leader in the Catch & Release category; Bruce’s fish scored 38.1 pounds. They held on to win the big prize and Brad McAdoo’s decision proved to be exactly the right one at the time. Congratulations to all Kingfisher Derby participants and thanks again for helping to make this year’s event such a memorable success!


June 17, 2014 Duane Foerter0

QCL guests have seen a full range of Haida Gwaii weather this past week with blue sky & calm water perfection giving way to gusty northwesterly seas breaking over the rocks at Cape Naden, then settling back to mild westerlies with those amazing ever-changing skies. Through it all we’ve had some awesome fishing with the Tyee bell ringing loudly every night.

Feeder Chinooks still dominate the salmon catch with lots of typical teen-sized beauties keeping anglers on their toes. Bigger fish are steadily increasing in number every day. Last week’s trip finished off with a flourish; lots of bell ringin’ going on! Keith Brown, fishing with guide Randy Zinck at Bird 2, landed the third fifty pounder of the season, releasing it after a careful measurement and revival. Well done guys! Lorne Kines boated a beautiful 39 pounder and Driftwood guest Morgan Schmidt weighed a stunning 44 lb Tyee on the swimgrid of the ship with his guide Nick Teichert. Those are fantastic fish guys! Bird 2, Parker Point and Cape Naden have all been particularly productive. The offshore drift at 50 / 70 feet in 120 ft of water from Yatze down to Parker has also been producing after the slack tide. Anchovies with and without flashers are working well. The star of the show right now is that “Tiger Prawn” spoon that just keeps tempting the tyees!

Halibut fishing continues to figure prominently with QCL guests, especially when they some hefty 40 pound plus fish hit the dock! Notable big catches were a 51 for Doug Astes, a 69 for Chad Werbowesky, a 53 for Mandy Clark, a 57 for Les Morris and an even 60 pounds for Ernie Tardiff! Jamie Tardiff pulled a bigger one up from 280 feet that taped out to 115 pounds. Now that’s a workout! Doug Nichiporik turned back a big slab at 108 pounds and Jordan Stang found a 70 pounder that fit just right!

The annual QCL Kingfisher Derby is in full swing this weekend with $50000 in prizes for big salmon catches, focusing mainly on Catch & Release fishing. Stay tuned for the exciting results!


June 11, 2014 Duane Foerter0

As we roll into the 4th trip of the 2014 fishing season we’re thrilled by the promise of the weeks to come. It’s only the second week of June and we’ve already broken our lodge halibut record and inducted two new members to the 50 Pounder Club!

The Chinook fishing overall has been pretty typical with large numbers of aggressive feeder springs in the 12 to 20 pound class being found throughout the fishing grounds. The action is very steady with definite bites coming on from time to time around the slack tides. We love these early season feeder springs – they’re so strong and athletic – it’s like getting into a massive school of 20 pound coho!

In the mix however, we are finding enough of those Tyee-class Chinooks that keep you coming back for more! Last week Nick Ritchie doubled up on Tyees with a 36 pounder on Tuesday and a 32 on Thursday. Greg Vavra boated a stunning 43 pounder on the weekend while Shaun Thiessen returned to the dock with senior QCL guide Jeff Smirfitt and the first 50 pounder of the season – Congratulations Shaun! Mike Knievel followed on Tuesday with a 52 lb beauty, taken on a “Tiger Prawn” spoon and guided by Nick Mercer. It’s nice to see an early start for these legendary silver giants.

Speaking of giants, the halibut fishery here at QCL is quickly emerging as a force in itself. In recent years our guests and guides have discovered a whole new spectrum of halibut fishing and we’re seeing fantastic results. QCL guests take home lots of tasty halibut and these days they’re typically larger fish than in past years. Fish in the 40, 50 and 60 pound class are coming to the scale every trip and we’re releasing some real giants. Mike Pidlisecky boated a perfect 61 pounder last Tuesday and on Wednesday he released one that taped out to 148 pounds! On the weekend Trevor Putnam was fishing with QCL guide and sales rep Mark Kasumovich. They decided to drop a line in the trench just off the Mazzaredo Islands. In less than 90 feet of water they hooked onto a fish that dragged them up into even shallower waters where they pulled it alongside long enough to measure it out to 148 pounds before cutting the hook and watching it swim away! Great job guys!

The QCL record for halibut on the scale is 183 pounds, landed by Mike Sutherland back in 2000. Now that we’re releasing all halibut over about 75 pounds our guides are finding novel ways to measure them in the water. One such successful measurement revealed a new QCL Record Halibut last week when Chris Yates hauled up a giant female from the depths that measured out to 72 inches in length; a calculated weight of 197 pounds! That’s an amazing fish Chris and congratulations on your place in the QCL record books!


June 11, 2014 Elyse Hebert0

Big fish have arrived!

We have seen some great fishing this past week. Early on, we saw a SuperPod of Orca cruise through our fishing grounds. Though seeing these amazing animals can mean that fishing will slow down for a period of time, they are chasing and feeding on big Chinook Salmon. After they passed through, we witnessed some huge fish coming in to the dock after every day of fishing. This week we saw many Chinook over 30 pounds, fish in the 40’s, and two fish in the 50’s! The monsters are around and everyone seems to be hooking into high numbers of fish ranging between 15 and 25 pounds along the way. Many of our guests have been catching over 20 fish in a day, coming home to the Lodge with smiles and stories that last through the night – until they can get back out and search again for that fish of a lifetime! We are all happy to see these big fish showing up, and we have been experiencing some great weather along the way.

Our Kingfisher Derby is coming this weekend for Father’s Day, so stay tuned for some great fishing updates to come! Tight lines everyone!

June 4, 2014 Duane Foerter0

The first few trips of the 2014 season have treated QCL guests to some fantastic fishing. Plenty of Chinook in the 15-25lb class have graced the dock, with a few surprise catches of early chrome bright Coho to add to the pile of fish guests are taking home. Increasingly abundant schools of herring and needlefish are beckoning the Salmon in from the open Pacific to feed along our shoreline. All of the major points have been providing steady action so far this season, with many fish being found near the bottom and slightly offshore in 70-90ft of water. All the usual suspects are enticing the Salmon to bite; spoons, cut-plugs, herring & teaser heads.

From the last trip, shout-outs to Bell-Ringer’s Brent Brady, Nick Ritchie & Zack Hunter with their Tyee’s coming in at 32lb, 36lb & 39lbs respectively. Halibut fishing is always fantastic in early June and Dustine Owen, Dave Middleton, Don Stirling & Mike Pidlisecky are all off to great starts with 46lb, 53lb, another 53lb & 61lbs respectively.

Weather of late has been dominated by NW winds and some brilliant blue skies. Fishing activity has been focused on the waters from Bird 2 to the Mazzaredo Islands, but as the wind settles back this week, QCL anglers will no doubt start to get out and explore more fishing areas.