May 31, 2013 Elyse Hebert0

During the month of May the number of Chinooks in the area have been increasing each day. You definitely want to be choosy and work to find larger fish. Tides seem to have little to do with the action; there are simply large numbers of great looking fish around that have only one thing on their mind – eating! Bait is everywhere and the the ocean is alive with whales, sea lions and seals in every direction. All of this coupled with flat seas and calm winds… we could not write a better script to start the season.

If you have been thinking about coming up for a visit this year you won’t want to wait. For those who have already secured their space, we are sure you are just counting down the days. As are we… 7 days until official season opening on June 7th!


May 27, 2013 Elyse Hebert0

The recent collapse of the Skagit Ridge bridge in Washington state could affect any guests driving into Vancouver for their flight to QCL. Latest reports say that motorists should not expect to drive on the I-5, between Mount Vernon and Burlington, for many weeks and possibly even months. If you’re driving up for your trip, please see the Washington State Department of Transportation website for alternate route options.


May 27, 2013 Elyse Hebert0

Even though our official season opening is still a few days away, our staff  have managed to poke their noses out to do a little fishing during our pre-season rig-up. They have been met with hot and heavy Chinook fishing. Double headers and large fish seem to be the story of the day; Chinooks up to 35lbs. are definitely worth mentioning. Reports continue to indicate that migratory Chinook have taken up residence in our area with lots of bait also evident. This is the way that we want our season to get going! Ryan Ashton, Dock Manager, managed to get out for a little “line wetting” and shows off the type of fish that are waiting for our anglers when they arrive. More reports to follow..


May 14, 2013 Elyse Hebert0

There’s so much to look at while you’re here!


May 14, 2013 Elyse Hebert0

Some QCL creations to get your mouth watering…


May 14, 2013 Elyse Hebert0

Check out your choice of 5 excellent accommodations and the best dock operation on the coast!


May 14, 2013 Elyse Hebert0

Here are a few of the spectacular catches we’ve seen at QCL!


May 8, 2013 Elyse Hebert0

Currently we’re in full swing preparing for the 23rd season of operation at Queen Charlotte Lodge.

Each year at the end of our fishing season the Lodge is deconstructed, a process we call ‘rig-down’, as we prepare for the winter storm season. Things are taken-apart, packed away, and/or shipped down south for storage and maintenance. The reverse process of ‘rig-up’ is currently in full swing at QCL. A number of staff and contractors are already on property, working to prepare the Lodge for another fishing season. From painting and renovations, to bringing in and re-assembling the entire dock and water walkway systems, this is a very labour intensive procedure. Before long, the Lodge will be ready for yet another year full of fun and exciting memories!

Wondering what you should be excited about this season? Well, just for a little tease, here’s the highlight reel: (1) a newly renovated Driftwood, including the addition of The Hook Social House and a new food program that will be sure to have you watching the clock for lunchtime, (2) our third installment of QCL’s own cookbook available for purchase this year in the Gallery, (3) a new set of tasty QCL Signature Cocktails designed with your sipping needs in mind and (4) introduction of our amazing new Executive Chef, Kristy Isaak, and her feature menu; get ready to be spoiled!

We’re counting down the days to show you all these great improvements and changes! If you’re like us, opening day of June 7th can’t come soon enough!


May 1, 2013 Elyse Hebert0

Here’s a collection of widescreen images that will grow steadily over the summer.