Kingfisher Report | June 30, 2024

June 30, 2024 by Tayler Fuerst0

Tides have been turning on the top side of Haida Gwaii.

With salmon migrating into our fishing grounds, whales and large pods of orcas have been spotted frequently. Life is becoming prevalent below the surface, signaling good things to come! Many boats have found some more sizeable Chinooks inshore with many coming off of quick snap bites. Things seem to be shaping up.

Coho are also starting to move inshore along with the very large tides we’ve been experiencing. Reports of many bites have come off the top portion of the water column in the past week. An example of this would be some boats finding fish along Green Point at the start of a flood tide, 75 ft of water, 37/47 on the riggers.

Whales have been feeding and are now giving off what seems to be a bit of a show at times. With both Humpbacks and Orcas around, you’re in for an incredible wildlife experience.

Bottom fishing at times this past week has been difficult due to the strong and large tides but large Halibut are definitely around.

Keep ’em tight, let ’em fight!

QCL Guide, Ryan Green

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